Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Israel to Gaza Refugees: Drop Dead, and pay yourself

Amidst the erev sukkot tragedies of the murderous PA Arab terrorist attack on Jewish Civilians at the Gush Etzion and Eli junctions, the State of Israel continues its harassment of the Jewish communities it expelled from the Gaza Strip.

Chezi Chazani, from the Jewish community of Netzer Chazani in the Gaza Strip was evicted from his home this past summer during the "Disengagement." The State of Israel, despite its media hype has not found housing and employment solutions for most of the refugees. Mr. Chazani died of a heart attack last week, and since he has no living solution and is no longer a legal resident of any city/municipality, he is not entitled to free burial services (as all other Israeli citizens are entitled to). His family asked that he be buried in Rishon LZion, in the cemetery where other family members are buried, but the Rishon municipality insisted on a 30,000 NIS burial fee. His family tried other places as well, and each municipality gave the same excuse; "Not a Resident - No Free Burial". So, his family paid 30,000 NIS for him to be buried in Rishon, since, thanks to the "disengagement" and its supporters around the world (Jewish and Arab alike) they are no longer residents of any municipality in Israel.

Courtesy of Arutz Sheva

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog,
You have a mistake on this post- It wasnt the rishon lezion municipality that asked fo the 30,000 shekels, but the "Hevra kadisha", that for a reason im not aware of beleives that they have the right to monopolize the cemeteries and burials in israel.

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