Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sukkot Rain in Israel

Never a good sign for it to rain on Sukkot in Israel so we are rather in the doldrums today. Taking the entire Muqata clan to Gush Etzion for the First day of chag, we were planning on going to Chevron today, first day of Chol HaMoed. Since its been raining all morning, and my MDA beeper is going off every 10-20 minutes about rain-related traffic accidents, we decided to hold off on the Chevron trip. Adding insult to injury, there was a 3 hour power outage this morning in Gush Etzion, keeping everyone rather stir-crazy...and I couldn't even blog.

Power's back, kids are still a bit crazy, so we have to come up with a plan "B".


Chai18 said...

well at least it rained even if it is a bad sign

JoeSettler said...

Little did anyone suspect at the time, that Jameel's "Plan B" would turn out to be an indoor BBQ at JoeSettler's illegal outpost in Judea.

Anonymous said...

of course rain is always welcome.But at least let it come at nighttime after we eat and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Dear jameel,
moadim le'simcha
when are you doing your meme-7?

Ze'ev's wife

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