Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sukkot Musings...

OK, I admit it. While I may have a brazillion ideas to blog now, I'm too busy to blog everything.

My Top Ten list of blog entries I want to write now, but don't yet have the time:

1. Israel's High Court of Justice. In a seemingly landmark case, the BaGaTz ruled on Erev Sukkot that Gershon Solomon's organization, the "Temple Mount Faithful" would be allowed to ascend to Har Habayit (The Temple Mount) during Chol Hamoed, and they could pray on the mount. The court ruled they could not law the cornerstone for the Third Beit HaMikdash, but that they could still daven there. In a western democracy, this would be considered acceptable normative freedom of religion, and far from a landmark decision. Yet in ardently secular Israel, its usually forbidden for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount; that's a freedom reserved exclusively for Arabs. So why am I complaining? The government couldn't let this pass, and Israel's attorney general requested that the Supreme Court reverse its decision. Today, the court admitted it "made a mistake" -- it didn't mean, "Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount", rather, "Jews should be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount." Slip of the quill. Exclusive Freedom of Prayer for Arabs has been restored. See A7 for more

2. Israel as a Democracy...NOT. A leaked report put together by Israel's public defender's office has come out against Israel's Court system (including the Supreme Court as well), Israel's Police, and Israel's Criminal Prosecution system, in a scathing report of systematic abuse towards the anti-disengagement protestors this past summer. Documented reports of illegal tactics, persecution, and indictment based on thoughts of individuals (instead of actions) blast the entire system for doing everything possible to crush the anti-disengagement protestors, including teenage, and under age protestors. Apparently Barak was quite upset at the report and was aghast that anyone would accuse our super-hero judicial activist of not being democratic.

3. I've been meme'd by Ze'ev. I have been thinking about this for a few days, and I hope to publish this tonight. However someone mentioned to me that if I don't publish and tag 7 others within X days, then it will cause more category 5 hurricanes in the US. Sounds like avoda zara to me...

4. We went snail hunting (snorkeling) last week on search of the Murex Trunculus off of the Dor Beach in northern Israel. The Murex is the source of the Techelet used by amuatat Petil T'Chelet. Totally fascinating. Totally enjoyable for the whole family. Pics and explanations coming soon.

5. Got a really annoying beeper message from the IDF the other day. It said, "Activists from a certain town plan on shooting at cars on a certain road". Activists? Who is writing for the IDF these days, CNN? Who needs CAMERA and MediaWatch, if the IDF is sending out beepers about terrorist "activists"?
that's it - too many sukka guests have arrived, and I'm neglecting them by blogging.

Moadim L'Simcha!


tafka PP said...

Chagim Uzmanim LeSasson.

I'm still confused about the wording of your IDF beeper message, but hey at least you're getting an advance warning :(

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Parrot: Why confused? I get warnings of everything upcoming. The problem is they call the terrorists "activists" -- in CNNspeak.

PS: Youve been MEME'd.

JoeSettler said...

How many are in a Brazillian?

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