Thursday, October 06, 2005

Israel's High Count: Illegal to use Arabs as Human Shield

As expected, Israel's High Court of inJustice's ubermorality will cause the death of more Jews.

The Human Shield procedure is where IDF soldiers get Palestinian civilians to knock on their adjacent neighbor's doors (of wanted terror suspects) and ask them to surrender.

This procedure has saved the lives of countless IDF soldiers and the scenarios goes like this:

IDF soldier: Hey Ahmed, get over here.
Ahmed: What do you want from me? I didn't do anything you stupid soldier.
IDF soldier: Call me whatever you want, I need you to do me a favor.
Ahmed: A favor? For you? Who are you kidding?
IDF soldier (motioning with his M16): Go next door, knock on the door, and tell them to surrender or we'll have to go in shooting, probably bulldoze the entire house too.
Ahmed: (grumbling) *&^%$ soldiers.
IDF soldier: I love you too - next door please?
Ahmed: Hey, Badran!
Badran: Go away!
Ahmed: Its me, Ahmed! Listen, don't shoot me though the door.
Badran: Go away - the IDF is gonna be here any minute.
Ahmed: Too late - they're already here. And they want you to surrender. Listen, they have the place surrounded, and their gonna bulldoze the house.
Badran: *&^%. Fine.
(comes out with his hands up - no one's dead. Ahmed is pissed).

Thanks to Aharon Barak and the High Court, the situation will unfortunately look like this:

IDF Soldier Platoon leader: Command, Command, come in, we have a positive ID on a terrorist in building #6!
Command: OK, you know the drill.
IDF Officer: Target building #6 ASAP with a Helicopter missile!
Command; What?
IDF Officer: Target building #6 ASAP with a Helicopter missile!
Command; What are you talking about? We can't do that...
IDF Officer: Well, last week, when we had the exact same situation, 3 soldiers were killed, just bomb the building!
Command: Sorry, no can do.
IDF Officer: Are you crazy! This terrorist just dropped off the bomber who blew up a bus 2 hours ago!
Command: So, you know the drill...just go on over and knock on the door.
IDF Officer: HELLO?!!! Do you hear what you are saying? We're going to be sitting ducks! He just sent someone to BLOW UP A BUS! There are 2 dozen dead and almost a hundred wounded from that attack!
Command: Rules are rules.
IDF Officer: Fine. Gotta follow the rules. Come on people, after me!

On his way to the door of the house, terrorist opens fire, killing officer and wounding 3 others. Terrorist is wounded...taken into captivity...released 6 months later by Ariel Sharon as a goodwill gesture to the Palestinians. The terrorist will then continue exactly as before.

Its not nice...but neither are Jewish funerals. Take your pick.

See here for more background:,7340,L-3151383,00.html


Cosmic X said...

Pathetic but true. An army that endagers its own soldiers in such a way is acting immorally. Glad that I don't do reserve duty anymore (because of my age).

Anonymous said...

what Barak doesn't understand is even if he doesn't care about Israeli soldiers lives it will help palestinian lives.


once again yidisha blit iz be'chenum!

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