Monday, April 27, 2009

IDF Targets the iPhone

In their ongoing FieldSec (Field Security) battle against cell phones, the IDF has declared war...on Apple's iPhone.

NRG/Maariv reports: [translated from the Hebrew] After the Second Lebanon war, the Israeli Navy's commander, General Eli Marom forbade Naval soldiers from bringing cellphones with built-in cameras onto bases and ships -- since photos of the bombed INS Hanit appeared on the internet.

Going one step further, the Israeli Air Force has now placed a strict ban on Apple's iPhone -- no soldier can bring an iPhone onto any IAF Airbase whatsoever.

One IAF airman stated:
"We saved up money for a long time [for the iPhone]as it costs several thousand Shekels -- and now we need to sell them at a loss. Every phone today already has internet connectivity and a built in phone. Our officers suffer from paranoia that the whole world is listening to them. This is just an attempt to annoy us...the IDF is in "trauma".
The IDF Spox responded:
The IDF goes to great lengths to protect field security and data integrity. In order to prevent information leaks, iPhone and similar phones are prohibited from IAF airbases unless permission is granted by the FieldSec Officer to only allow access of the phone to non sensitive areas.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the palestinian flag in the Independence day posters from Iriyat Yerushalayim?

Anonymous said...

to be fair the post picked up on it too

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

OK - you have received a hat-tip and link within a new post :-)

Michael Cohen said...

Where can I find one of those airmen selling the IPhone at a loss?

Soccer Dad said...

Maybe the IAF should look into the new supersecure Presidential Blackberry.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

SoccerDad: The IAF wont buy cellphones for their soldiers...these are private phones.

But I'll mention the Blackberry to the IAF :)

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