Monday, April 27, 2009

Web hackers deface Independence Day fliers by including Palestinian flag

The "Young Rabbi" blogger alerted me to the following (as did many others, MC, etc.) reported in the Jerusalem Post.
A Jerusalem community center inadvertently printed Independence Day fliers with the city's logo that include a look-alike Palestinian flag inserted by an Internet hacker, city officials said Sunday.

About 20 advertisements, which were put up by the Givat Shaul community center throughout the neighborhood, include a small Palestinian flag next to a picture of prime minister David Ben-Gurion. They were subsequently removed.

The Ben-Gurion picture used in the advertisement was taken from a Web-based photo archive that had been broken into by Internet hackers, without being noticed by graphic artists or local officials, the heads of the community center said.

"A serious mishap occurred in the preparation of the Independence Day announcement, which was prepared by an external provider, as a result of the infiltration by malevolent sources into the Internet photo archives," the community center said in a statement. "We are stunned, hurt, and apologize for the grief caused to us all."

The municipality called the incident "very severe."

Palestinian and Arab fauxtography is nothing new.

After all, Forrest "Fowzi" Gump has appeared everywhere...

(additional credit: guys at rotter who had this yesterday morning before everyone else)

Forrest "Fowzi" Gump originally appeared here, and is not photo-shopped. Its common for Gaza kids to wear hand-me-down clothes from Israelis...

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JoeSettler said...

It's also common for Gaza kids to wear clothing left in stolen Israeli cars.

There was a time when all the kids in Ramallah were wearing Bonker's Bagels t-shirts.

A Pusheter Yid said...

Can you please explain the expression, Forrest "Fowzi" Gump?
Excuse my ignorance.

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