Monday, January 16, 2012

A Million NIS to anyone proving that the Migron Settlement is on "Stolen" Land.

The Migron Community sits atop a mountain overlooking Highway 60 -- the main North-South traffic artery in the Binyamin region of the West Bank/Shomron and Yehuda territory.

The US Administration and Peace Now are both pressuring Israel to dismantle the small Jewish community of 50 families. Calling it an illegal "occupation" settlement...a thorn in the side of the Palestinians...this community has been slated for destruction by numerous Israeli governments.

An excellent op-ed piece was presented in the JPost a few months ago, summarizing the injustices heaped upon the Jewish residents.
Despite extensive media coverage of Migron’s legal battles to survive, judicial edicts by a few members of Israel’s Supreme Court, and misrepresentations by those who oppose Migron’s presence, the facts concerning this Jewish community have not been presented fully, or fairly.

A small community of 50 families a dozen kilometers north of Jerusalem, Migron is a test case for all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and its fate may affect many within Israel’s “Green Line” as well.

The controversy revolves around two main issues: (1) who owns the land, and (2) if there was government negligence, who was responsible and who should be compensated. Despite the trauma of expelling 9,000 people from Gush Katif and the northern Shomron, Israel seems on the verge of repeating its mistakes.

Built more than a decade ago, Migron received the active support of the prime minister, the defense minister, the IDF commander, the civil administration, the housing and construction, transportation and communications ministries, the electric, water and telephone companies, as well as other government agencies. In other words, because of Migron’s strategic location, it was established with de facto government approval.

Part of the land on which Migron was built was registered to Arabs who left the region and cannot be found; this land thus came under the jurisdiction of the Custodian of Abandoned Property (apotropus) – a government agency established to manage land and property that is uninhabited and unclaimed. Another part of Migron was allegedly purchased by Jews, but not registered as such for fear of exposing the Arabs who sold it to the PA’s death penalty for such ‘crimes.’ (read the rest of this here, at the JPost)
To this day, except for legal battles being led by Peace Now, there is no one who contests the ownership of the land. Not one Arab has come forward to claim the settlers have "stolen" it.

To make the matter even more absurd, Israel's High Court has even adopted the position that Jews may be evicted from their homes even if no opposing land ownership claims are presented.

Of course, such a position is not held when it comes to Arab land claims in the West Bank, Arab land claims in pre-67 Israel, or Jewish land claims in pre-67 Israel.

To highlight the insanity, the Migron community has offered a 1 Million NIS reward (about $270,000) to anyone proving they own the land that Migron is built on. They aren't holding their breath that someone will come forward. (Walla)

In a normal society, if "Peace Now" didn't show up within a few days attempting to claim the million NIS, they would be humiliated and the slated destruction would be halted.

The problem that Migron faces, and Israel faces in general is that negative campaigning is more effective. It's so much easier to throw words into the wind that Migron needs to be destroyed, and watch Israel's media and Supreme Court pick it up and run with it, than to build.

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