Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Wave of Violence Against Chareidi Population

As if the violence against the Orot Banot schoolgirls isn't bad enough, now some self-styled revenge vigilantes have been attacking Chareidi/Ultra-Orthodox school children...and adults.

1. From the Israel HaYom news-site:
Ultra-Orthodox girl attacked by secular passenger on bus

A young man reportedly got on a bus in Jerusalem, shouted "the cursed ultra-Orthodox," and threatened a 10-year-old girl • The man allegedly kicked the young girl from behind and warned her not to ride the bus again.

A 10-year-old ultra-Orthodox girl was apparently attacked by a secular passenger on a bus in Jerusalem on Monday, according to a report by Army Radio.

The young man reportedly got on the bus, shouted "the cursed ultra-Orthodox," and threatened Bluma [Spitzer]. He also allegedly warned her not to ride on the bus again. Shimon Moses, a Jerusalem-based businessman and friend of the Spitzer family, said, "When the bus arrived at her stop, she started to get off and the man kicked her in the back, causing her to stumble out of the bus. Secular people on the bus yelled at her to 'get off the bus, it's ours.'" (Yisrael HaYom)
2. From the Kikar Shabbat website:
Boy attacked by secularists says, "I'm afraid to walk in the street"

David L. aged 11, was attacked this morning by 2 secularists. In a "Kikar Shabbat" exclusive interview, the 11 year old said, "they threatened me, slapped me and screamed at me. I couldn't stand up."

The mother said, "the boy was attacked by 2 thugs. They caught him at the bus stop, and then punched him in his face and from behind, all while screaming at him."

The mother also said that her son is now traumatized, and she has filed a formal police complaint. According to the mother, "the cause of the attack was due to the anti-Chareidi incitement by the media"

Kikar Shabbat: is your son now afraid to go to school?

Mother: Yes, but first and foremost, my son wants his attackers caught. (translated from Kikar Shabbat)
3. Burning cigarette thrown at Ultra Orthodox man; burning his beard. (source)

Enough is enough.

Instead of trying to resolve the tension, idiots are now actively calling for a civil war, and getting press time in Israel's idiotic leading newspaper.

Update: In response to the commenter as to the accuracy of the above reports, the JPost also reports on the anti-Chareidi violence in its breaking news section, though they basically paraphrase the news from the Kikar Shabbat website (as I did, before them).

Ultra-Orthodox report attacks against children

01/03/2012 19:44
At least two incidents of abusive attacks against ultra-Orthodox children have been reported to the police this week, in the wake of the recent storm surrounding several incidents of haredi extremism and the intense media attention that has followed.

According to a report from the haredi news website Kikar Hashabbat, on Tuesday morning an 11-year old boy, referred to as David L, was physically assaulted by two secular men.

While waiting at a bus stop in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood of Sanhedriah, David was approached by two men he described as “big, and without yarmulkes or pe’ot (sidelocks).”

According to the boy’s mother, Malka, the two men began shouting at him, and struck him in the face several times. They also attempted to prevent him getting on to his bus although he eventually succeeded on boarding by sticking close to a group of people also getting on the bus.

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said the boy and his mother came to the police station and filed a complaint later that day. The police opened an investigation into the matter.
The Israel HaYom newspaper is not any more unreliable than Haaretz, NRG, YNet or the JPost.

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Anonymous said...

How credible are these claims?

Chutznik said...

Look this is nothing new. When I can here almost 30 years ago from overseas, not knowing any Ivrit but with a beard and hat, I experienced the first real anti Senitism I has ever seen. The hatred was palpable.

Anonymous said...

listen secular suck but charedime do too its like iran and iraq fighting hope they take each other out .

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

The reports are pretty credible -- Israel HaYom is definitely at least as credible as any other newspaper in Israel (and they aren't noxious like Haaretz and YNET).

Anonymous said...

The article by Shaked was horrific.

Sarah said...

I'm rather dubious about the credibility of these accounts--sound very much like after-the-fact inventions to "balance" bad extremist behavior so hareidim can say "we're victims too." I've lived in Jerusalem long enough to be reasonably certain NO ONE would allow a child to be abused in public like this. I'll believe it when witnesses or physical evidence is produced.

Anonymous said...

Price Tag (tm)

S. said...

While I certainly believe these could be real, they do read like mirror image accounts, complete with a boy who is afraid.

Either way, nothing good is coming from any of this.

Madrassa Moe said...

These stories are of no credibility, but the chareidim and their defenders (most notably those amongst us who somehow believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the chareidim are our natural allies against the secular Left)will invent and disseminate such nonsense to perpetuate the myth of chareidi victimhood. No matter that not a single charedi leader of stature ever bothered to condemn the outrages committed against the Dati schoolgirls in Ramat Beit Shemesh. As usual, we are our own worst enemies.

josh said...

Credible. Other media is in fact reporting blurbs.

Madrassa Moe said...

Haven't seen anything in any media other than one 'source' repeating what verbatim what another 'source' has reported.

Still no credibility.

Vox Populi said...

I also think these reports sound suspiciously like mirror-image reprisals. One crazy chiloni I can understand (btw - does "the cursed Ultra Orthodox" sound punchier in Hebrew?), but a whole bus of chilonim just jeering at a ten year old girl sounds cartoonishly evil. If I were someone who believed that chilonim all just hated chareidim, this would give me my confirmation. "See, if chilonim actually cared about little girls, why would they attack another little girl?"

That being said, it appears to be in reputable news sources. If these stories are true, this is just horrible.

Sad to say, I honestly can't think of a better advertisement for staying in galus.

Anonymous said...

"Sad to say, I honestly can't think of a better advertisement for staying in galus"

So what was keeping you in Galus before this past week?

People who stay stuff like this are either lying to themselves or lying to everyone else.

I guess some mean spirited talking is worse than getting shot at by kids wearing trench coats.

Whats the worst thing that can happen to your children in America in school? A classmate might come in with a gun and kill a few people.

Whats the worst thing that can happen to your children in Israel in school? A classmate might call your child some evil names, and perhaps share some spittle.

LI Reader said...

All 3 stories are missing specific physical locations (except for the one general reference to "Sanhedria"). Where exactly did these happen? Which bus number did this happen on? Etc.

The stories may be true, but they're all missing the kind of details which could attest to their legitimacy.

Vox Populi said...

>So what was keeping you in Galus before this past week?

Well, first, I said it was a good advertisement. I didn't say it was halacha l'moshe misinai.

But if the arguments for making aliyah center around Israel being a better or meaningful place to be Jewish, that is belied by the events of this week, unless sectarian violence and hatred is the spice of a more meaningful Jewish life.

>I guess some mean spirited talking is worse than getting shot at by kids wearing trench coats.

Yes. We all know that Jews are never the victims of violence in Israel. It truly is the safest of places to be a Jew.

The back of the hill said...

Rabbosai, might I add that the hoopla caused by these events is being reported in the Western Media much more than the tortured fifteen year-old Afghan girl whose in-laws tried to force her into prostitution?

Yes yes, I agree that the phlegm and mutual recriminations are bad.
But, in perspective, it might be best to calm down and get back to the bargaining table with the other side. Eventually, and in our life-time, there may finally be peace between the chareidim and the apikorsim, and the world will breathe easier because of it.

Nachum said...

Huh? Who on the charedi side wants to come to any table? What would they give? Want?

Your very use of language ("apikorsim?") gives it all away.

josh said...

Gideon Levi, infamous 'not of lover of settlers' Haaretz journalist wrote a column saying that the media have blown the whole thing out of proportion. Back of the hill, he even mentioned how ridiculous it was that spitting on an 8 year old Jewish girl had received an exponential amount of media attention relative to what an 8 year old Arab girl shot gets. And that was the most incredible thought of the past two weeks - that one Jewish girl's honour is of utmost importance.

Anonymous said...

8 year old Arab girls don't get shot, but why bother making accurate statements about Israel when so many people will accept libel uncritically?

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