Monday, May 22, 2006

Entire City of Petach Tikva for sale...on ebay.

If you can't make aliya, the next best thing is to invest in Israel's real estate. Not as a monetary investment, but as a spiritual investment -- as it gives you a much closer connection to Israel, and is one more step in the right direction of moving to Israel. Plus, when your kids learn in an Israeli yeshiva/seminar for a year, they'll have somewhere to stay if their yeshiva closes down for a weekend. (I'll be writing more about that soon).

In the meantime, The entire City of Petach Tikva (ebay item #: 7416865947) is for sale on ebay.

The city of Petach Tikva, near Tel Aviv, has been put on sale on auction website eBay, with initial bids standing at just USD 8.57. The auction ends in five days, however, and the Israeli city could certainly be worth more than that. The current highest bid is standing at USD 127.

The auction for the sale of the city was published three days ago, and until now nine bids have been received. (Hat-tip: YNET)

As of this posting, the city is currently valuated by ebay buyers at $255.00

From the Description: Special Bonus: Buy Petach Tikva and receive a bus ticket for the 66 bus line to Tel-Aviv for free. Standing Room only.

If all my holdings weren't tied up in the Muqata Holdings Investment Fund, I'd be bidding as well.

Happy Bidding, and Good Luck!

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tafka PP said...

If all my holdings weren't tied up in the Muqata Holdings Investment Fund, I'd be bidding as well.

Buying waterpistols again, Jameel?

- I might consider it too, if it was in Shekel not Dollars.

Sarah Likes Green said...

ooh it's up to $305 now!

hrm that works out to around AUD$400...

do they ship to australia?? ;)

Scraps said...

I'm sooooo does someone buy a city and have it shipped to them? Doesn't Ebay usually take down joke postings?

(Maybe I'm just lacking my usual sense of humor, it was a long night last night...)

Shtender said...

New Zealand was for sale earlier this month as well. People just don't realize what they can get on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Jameel, I'm annie from DL and saw this thread posted in the "hippo". This is just too funny for words, especially as it's my hometown now. How come no one told me they're selling me out? And who are those nutcases who paid for Petach Tikva??? Who gets the money is what I want to know. $300 or so divided by 200,000 inhabitants is, um, not a lot.

::sigh:: there go my dreams of becoming a millionaire.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Tafka PP: Nerf Missiles.

Scraps: Apparently, we get to joke around at ebay's expense till they take it down.

Sarah: I'd be happy if they ship to the Muqata! (but that's a problem recently, with less and less service companies coming out to the shomron)

Annie: Welcome! You can always invest in the Muqata Mututal Holdings Corp... Maybe not as lucrative as Petach Tiqwa, but still interesting!

the sabra said...

so if/when it gets shipped to the US-do all the citizens go with? do arabs set up camp there? what happens?

Anonymous said...

The listing is now up but not biddable:
"The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken."

I can just imagine the scene:
"Honey! Do you know where I left my city?"
"Last time I saw it, it was on your dresser next to the bills."

the sabra said...

"o dear! you left the city around again! look at what the kids did with it this time. ach i knew we overpaid. these darn israelis..."

Anonymous said...

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