Monday, May 29, 2006

Synchronicity Lost: Eretz Yisrael and The Diaspora

The coming Shabbat, Israel and the Disaspora (Chutz-La'Aretz) will lose their weekly Torah reading synchronicity.

It will be a special Shabbat combined with the second day of Shavuot in the Diaspora, but will only be a regular Shabbat in Eretz Yisrael, since we only observe one day of Shavuot.

Therefore, in Israel we will read the regular Shabbat Parashat HaShavua Torah-reading of "Naso", while outside Israel they will read the Torah portion for chag.

Israel and Chutz-La'Aretz will then be 1 week off from each other.

If you visit Israel, you will be missing a parasha... (you will have skipped one)

If you leave Israel to Chutz La'Aretz, and your Shabbat hosts ask you for a Dvar Torah, you'll have the opportunity to use any of last week's and you'll come out looking decent (provided you didn't fall asleep during the rav's drasha in shul).

We'll resync-up on July 8th (Tammuz 12 -- thanks trn), when Israel is reading Balak, and Chutz La'Aretz will be reading the double Parasha, Chukat-Balak.

What better time is there for those in Chutz La'Aretz to ponder the RCA resolution calling for a renewed passion for Israel?

Reminder: WestBankBlog will be hosting a list of aliya inspirational story links this Thursday, Erev Shavuot.

Don't miss it!

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westbankmama said...

Thanks for the mention Jameel.

bec said...

and this is the best argument i've heard so far for why diaspora jews NEED to make aliyah NOW. ;D

Anonymous said...

We'll resync-up on July 12th

Tammuz 12th, July 8th, actually, if I'm not mistaken.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

TRN: you are 100% correct. Updating it now...

Sabzi Aash said...

You're right, BEC. Unfortunately I'm making aliyah after Shavuot but before Tamuz, so I'll be one of those missing a parsha. Isn't that a strange consequence for doing a mitzvah?

Anonymous said...

No problem, Jameel. Thanks for the thanks. Have a happy 50th day of the Omer!

Sarah Likes Green said...

one of my friends is also making aliyah at a similar time to sabzi aash, i was just going to comment about missing a parsha to move to israel.

Drew Kaplan said...

Although the Jews within the land and the ones in the diaspora won't currently be on the same lectionary cycle, the diasporean ones get to benefit due to having read blogs and other Torah sites with parsha stuff a whole week ahead of time.

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