Monday, May 08, 2006

Israel DaFence Forces

"New" and "Improved" Security Fence Route... (from the new website)

Environmental considerations
Minimal damage to the landscape and its vegetation as well as restoring the area, once work has been completed to its former stage, as much as possible.

Designed in modern-era, post-millenium concrete, the wall blends in beautifully with the local scenery.

Every effort has been made, to avoid including any Palestinian villages in the area of the Security Fence. The Security Fence does not annex territories to the State of Israel, nor will it change the status of the residents of these areas.

And very little effort was made to include Jewish villages. Actually, there was a half hearted effort, which was speedily halted by Israel's Supreme Court. (The same court which is currently deciding whether it's legal for the IDF to shell Gaza. Apparently, some people think that's also illegal).

Minimum Disruption
Minimum disruption to the daily life of the populations residing on both sides of the Security Fence will occur along its course in several forms:

Narrow agricultural passageways, dozens of which will be located along the route to enable farmers to continue cultivating their lands.

Passage for pedestrians and vehicles, at which inspections will take place to maintain security.

Crossing points, for transfer of goods across the central area and in the Jerusalem region.

Try getting into Jerusalem lately? From Gush Etzion's tunnel road? Binyamin/Shomron on highway 60 via Hizma/Pisgat Zeev? On the Modiin/Jerusalem Highway via 443/Begin road or 443/Ramot? The disruption to daily life is rediculous.

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tafka PP said...

First of all, I think you mean "ridiculous"

And second of all- however much you complain, the disruption to *your* life is pitzky potatoes compared to the "disruptions" suffered by your neighbours- thousands of Palestinians who are suffering as a result of the actions of the terrorists in their midst, who collectively "inspired" this concrete monstrosity which everybody knows is doomed to failure and will come down one way or another.

NB I'm not actually disagreeing with you- I'm just adding another very important dimension as to why this wall is far worse than "ridiculous".

Anonymous said...

Ah, but does it constitute an eruv?

Oleh Yahshan said...

the 443 road has become a nightmare in the past month. that's why we only drive it at late night.. when we are driving north to my parents. the last time I went there in the morning I ended us sitting for 30 minutes to get through.

YMedad said...

I call it the King Kong Syndrome. Like in the movie, the natives sacrifice a pretty girl for the monster to take away and they'll be protected as it stays on the 'other side' of the wall, so do our political leaders presume that they'll sacrifice all on the one side and the Pals. won't bother them on the other. Pitifully idiotic. Today, 300 cannon shells were dropped on useless targets in Gaza. You know how much money that costs besides the ineffectiveness>

Sarah Likes Green said...

i didn't realise the huge impact of this 'fence' until a few weeks ago when i saw some photos that my friend took while in israel. i was quite shocked at what it's done to the area. (the media really doesn't give an accurate view of what such a barrier/disruption is really like.)

FrumGirl said...

I just wonder if it will accomplish what it is supposed to.

Lady-Light said...

I'm laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of this that I'm crying. There's a lot to cry over. What can the average lover of Israel do?

Osaid Rasheed said...

a. It is still unclear why this fence is built. Will it give any security to Israel ? I doubt that.
b. The land that was confiscated to establish this wall : Whose land is it ?
c. According to international laws, this wall is totally illegal. I cant know why you still talk about its ' advantages ' !!
d. "Israel lovers" should start using their brains, not their emotions !!
e. Live and let live. Have you thought of the consequences of such a fence on the Palestinians ? This fence will make life more miserable for the majority of the PEOPLE living at the other side. Being able to take one sided decisions is not a blessing, I believe.

Osaid Rasheed said...

The construction of the wall being built by Israel... in the occupied Palestinian Territory, including in and around East Jerusalem... [is] contrary to international law. Israel is under obligation... to dismantle forthwith the structure... [and] make reparation for all damage caused...

~International Court of Justice Ruling, July 9, 2004

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