Friday, May 18, 2007

The Drums are out..(here we go again) May 18th, 2007

Out they come from the "boydem" (Vernacular Hebrew word for semi-attic space), the wardrums are being dusted off.

I'm waxing the special war time Muqata banner...and Israel's gearing up for it's latest war. (Robert Avrech; Please coin a new name for this war...)

11:48 AM Heavy IDF artillery returns to Gaza.

pictures from

11:44 AM Kol Yisrael Israel Radio reports of Palestinian wounded in Gaza near thr Islamic University due to ongoing Hamas-Fatah fighting.

11:17 AM Hamas announces that just as Israeli citizens are fleeing Sederot, soon the residents of Ashkelon will be fleeing as well. (editoral note from the Muqata; We had better win this war)

11:12 AM The stats that run our lives. As of now, 12 Qassam rockets have landed around Sederot this morning, which makes 106 this week.

11:10 AM Aussie Dave is war blogging as well. Check him out here (he started covering this war earlier than me...about 3 days ago)

The IDF has taken up positions in Northern Gaza on the ruins of Dugit, a settlement destroyed and evacuated during the Disengagement.

11:08 AM Taking cover from Qassam rockets in Sederot

10:41 AM Nine Qassam Rockets hit Sederot this morning, including direct hits on a gas station, private home and apartment building. Minor injuries reported.

Olmert showed up last night at a shul in Sederot. After he left the shul received a direct Qassam hit.

I guess I'll be grilling chicken this afternoon.

Update you soon,


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YMedad said...

Can we get you to grill Olmert?

Akiva said...

Just to note, I've been posting first hand reports of a friend in Sderot, including him GETTING HIT by a Kassam w/video cameria in hand.

Latest, here.
Video & IM of getting hit, here.
House next store destroyed, here.

NOBODY is really reporting impact to the population. Those links above have it, real time.

The back of the hill said...

Keep reporting.

Rafi G. said...

Jameel - your boss told me last time for the duration of the war you did almost no work because you were so busy blogging. he just said "Uh Oh, Jameel won't be doing any work again now that Sderot is heating up..."

JoeSettler said...

Sorry Jameel, while I may be going out on a limb here, I don't think we are heading to war so quickly.

Anonymous said...

I tried to be no 200000, but was at work and missed by 60 hits

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