Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jamming With Joe & Jameel

During my last trip out to The Muqata I had the pleasure of discovering that both Jameel and Joe Settler are accomplished musicians. Since they had never blogged about their musical talent it was a pleasant surprise.

I have some very pleasant memories of jamming with Joe and Jameel to a little tune we call Muqata Madness. One of these days we'll have to find some time to record it. Maybe we can use it as the intro for the next podcast.

On the other hand we might want to save it. I don't want to go about telling tales but there was discussion about creating some sort of blogger band and then cutting an album. We're not looking to do anything crazy, but thanks to technology it has become exceedingly easy to do things like this. MP3's are nothing. Although I have to admit that what I'd really like to do is see at least a couple of copies of the album produced on vinyl. That would be really cool.

Just picture an album cover of guys with big yellow happy faces. I can feel your excitement. To quote my grandfather, "that is emes."

And there you have just a little more insight into some of the bloggers you might encounter in cyberspace, or elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

What instruments do you play?

JoeSettler said...


Jack Steiner said...

C'mon Joe, you are being far too modest.

Batya said...

How about a marching band for the Shomron?

JoeSettler said...

OK, the didgeridoo too, but I didn't want anyone to know.

Shira Salamone said...

Someone ring up Mark/PT on the tele. You do need a bass player for this blogger band, don't you? :)

While you're at it, maybe you could persuade David/Trep to drop by on the way home from work and slide in a few notes on the trombone. :)

I'm afraid I'm way too rusty on the soprano recorder to be worth recording, but I'd love to hear a blogger band broadcast. That would be fun!

Jacob Da Jew said...

I can do some of those noises with my mouth if you want to do acapella.

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