Monday, July 28, 2008

Morris Talansky vs. Israel's Security

Denied the option of a ruling in NY -- if Morris "the laundry man" Talansky wants to sue the ImageSat company, he'll have to submit the case to an Israeli court.

Talansky, part owner of ImageSat tried to sue the other shareholder companies (Elbit and Israel Aircraft) for refusing to sell ImageSat imagery to Iran's ally Venezuela. Despite the fact the Israel's defense ministry was against the deal with Venezuela (due to the impact on Israel's security), Israel's "friend" Morris Talansky tried his best to push the deal forward.
The ruling is also good news for the Israeli government, which took the unusual step of officially requesting that the lawsuit be brought under Israel's jurisdiction. It had expressed concern that American procedures do not provide enough secrecy for information that might be related to national security.

The Venezuela deal at issue in the ImageSat suit may be at least tangentially related to a corruption investigation that is threatening to topple Prime Minister Olmert of Israel. One of the American plaintiffs in the case, Morris Talansky, was questioned this week over whether he received any favors from Mr. Olmert in return for giving him about $150,000 in cash over a 15-year period.

Mr. Talansky's connection to Mr. Olmert has not been an issue in the ImageSat lawsuit so far. But Israeli newspapers have suggested that Mr. Olmert made a phone call to an Israeli diplomat in Venezuela asking him to facilitate the deal between Venezuela and ImageSat — despite the alleged opposition of the Israeli defense ministry. (NY Sun)
Then again, doing anything to aid Ehud Olmert is also against Israel's security.

At least Talansky's consistent.

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Baila said...

Totally not related to your post (which was interesting):

Can you tell your friend Lazey to put all the episodes of "Serugim" on the Yes website. Only the first two are there, and I can never seem to get the TV by 9 PM. Actually tonight I looked for the show and couldn't find it. The website has the first two episodes up and that's it...

Thanks, and now back to your post.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hi Baila - I'll call him today and ask.

He was slightly distraught when he found out that all the broadcast episodes are already downloadable from bit-torrent and the internet.

Last night's episode was seriously well-done.

ProfK said...

Where there are politicians there will always be those ready, willing and able to exploit relationships with those politicians, ie Olmert and Talansky. But the first rule of an exterminator is that there is never only one cockroach; where there is one there are more, many more. Did I miss the reporting on how there are investigations ongoing into who else was lining Mr. Olmert's pockets?

Anonymous said...

Jameel, that is just oh, so, clever.
That was my first chuckle for the day

[chuckles are allowed in the "22 days" but
not outright laffter :-) ]

Leah Goodman said...

I know someone religious, right wing, and fairly well-to-do whose response to the Talansky affair was "If I'd known Olmert could be bought so cheaply, I would have bought him myself."

Why couldn't someone a little more right-wing have bought him?!

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