Monday, July 28, 2008

Reserved for Family: Shabbat

Kudos to blog-friend Jacob Richman for scanning-in this newspaper-giveaway from this past Friday's Yediot Achronot newspaper, sponsored by the supermarket chain SuperSol and the Yediot newspaper.

The message: Shabbat is Reserved for family.

Talk, Laugh and Eat together. The one day of the week that you can sit with the family and reconnect. Friday Night: Reserved for the Family.

On the flip side of the flier is Friday Night's kiddush, including a small footnote to "please treat this flier with the necessary respect" (as it has kiddush printed on it, and they even ensured that G-d's name isn't spelled out on it).

Jacob wrote to me saying,
"On Friday afternoons, I buy several newspapers including Hebrew ones. Every so often, the Hebrew newspapers include a special insert.

If we get a new Israeli president there will be a picture of him; if a sports team or sports individual wins a championship there may be a picture of him / her; before Passover you can find a free Hagaddah; and before Israel Independence Day there is a large flag folded inside the paper.

This past Friday (July 25), there was a small glossy, two-sided flyer in the Yediot Achronot newspaper.

After close to 24 years in Israel, I still find nice surprises in the most unexpected places."

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael טובה הארץ מאד מאד


Lion of Zion said...


Lady-Light said...

This is the reason why Israel with all it's problems, is still the place to be.
I have a vision of my mother (a"h)as a little girl in Poland, looking up at her little blue Keren Kayemet Tzedakah box on the back of her kitchen door, her eyes streaming with tears(I am crying just thinking about it)..we yearn to live freely as Jews in our own land, with our own religion and culture.
Only in Israel can you find an ad promoting Shabbat! What a blessing!
(in other matters: so Jameel, you gonna be at the NbN Blogger Convention in August with your yellow smiley face on? If I get up early enough, I'll be there; with sunglasses...)

Baila said...

Darn! I mistakenly came home with Ma'ariv this week, when I really meant to bring home the Yediot....

Gee a Moron said...

There was a piece about this on Reshet Bet radio yesterday. The ad was sponsered by Nachi Dankner (the publisher of Yediot) and also a principal in the Supersol chain of supermarkets. The similarity in the picture between the words "Hamishpacha Sheli" (my family) and the in-town smaller grocery stores now called "Supersol Sheli" (my Supersol) is not coincidental. His competitor, Blue Square, who owns the AM:PM and Shefa Shuk chains are suffering from a Hareidi boycott of his stores because the AM:PM chain is open on Shabbat (even though Shefa Shuk stores are not) and Dankner doesn't want to get on their bad side.
Bottom line: a good thing but not completely altruistic.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you praised this totally treif ad. The father isn't even wearing a white shirt, the mother's blouse is too low-cut, and the girl isn't wearing socks with her sandals. Also, they have a TV in their house.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Mr. Ed: You missed the point -- the picture for the ad was obviously not taken on Friday night, so the father isn't wearing a white shirt.

I didn't notice the mother's blouse is too low-cut; you should be ashamed of yourself for paying attentions to such details.

The girl is wearing stockings with her sandals.

They only recently disconnected their TV from Cable TV and haven't gotten around to disposing of it yet. (Did you see the layer of dust on it?)

Perhaps a little "dan lekfa zechut" is in order here.

Besides, if you wanted to really comment on the un-frumminess of the picture, you could have just pointed out the "porcelain" kiddush cup. You aren't yotzeh kiddush if its not silver.

YMedad said...

Mr. Ed, why did you miss the lack of a kippah (or a bigger one)? And the mother isn't wearing a blouse although you might want to take a closer look.

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