Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama to divide Jerusalem

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While the focus of the JPost article is on how Obama backtracked on his "united Jerusalem" statement, and subsequently showed that he doesn't really understand what the residents of the region want, the JP missed the real point.

Obama is coming to Jerusalem next week in part of a whirlwind tour to create traffic jams in the city.

That's right. Another person who thinks that the path to getting Jewish support is by clogging up the Jewish capital.

Let me tell you something.

When Obama visits, the city will be divided. You won't be able to get from one half of the street to the other.

How annoying.

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Unknown said...

aS i saw elsewhere it is
kain to McCain
lo to lobama

Anonymous said...

"You won't be able to get from one half of the street to the other." --Don't do that to me this early in the morning! I need a serious supply of coffee before I can cope with uncontrollable giggles!

the apple said...

A family friend (who now lives in Ashdod) urged us to vote for Obama, because as he put it, Mashiach can't come while America is Israel's ally -- so it's actually in our best interests to vote for someone who wouldn't be such a great friend of Israel, thus hastening the redemption!

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