Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hypocritical Israel

In light of the horrific massacre in India this past week, with hundreds dead (over 300) and well over a thousand wounded, Israeli "security officials" criticized India's handling of the terror attacks.

"Israeli and international media quoted Israeli security officials as claiming the operation was risky and premature" (Haaretz)

"In hostage situations, the first thing the forces are supposed to do is assembling at the scene and begin collecting intelligence," a former official in Israel's famed anti-terror agency, Shin Bet, told The Jerusalem Post.

"In this case, it appears the forces showed up at the scene and immediately began exchanging fire with the terrorists, instead of first taking control of the area," he said. An article in another newspaper, Haaertz, said: "In the first several hours after the Mumbai incidents began, the response of the Indian authorities was slow, confused and inefficient." (India Today)

Hypocracy rules in Israel today as IDF soldier Gilad Shalit remains a hostage in Gaza -- a terrorist state created by Israel, and Israel's only stated way of freeing him, is the release of hundreds of murderous terrorists.

Today, Gaza Palestinians shelled the Nahal Oz IDF command center, resulting in 8 soliders wounded.

"Surgeons at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon were forced to amputate the leg of 21-year-old Noam Nikash of Beersheba. Doctors were trying to save his other leg.

Seven other troops, including two female soldiers, were lightly to moderately wounded after terrorists fired mortar shells from the Gaza Strip on Friday evening. The soldiers were taken to both Barzilai Hospital and Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, and an additional soldier was treated for shock.

By Saturday evening, six were still hospitalized, one in a serious condition, two moderate, and three were lightly wounded, according to Israel Radio" (Jpost)

Israel, the country that adopted the "turn other cheek" mentality -- resulting from the Oslo accords, the country that ran away from Gaza destroying Jewish communities left and right, exiling close to 10,000 Jews from their homes, are the last country on the planet that should be able to chastise anyone about how to deal with terror.
Yet my anger at Israel is displaced only by my sorrow and condolences for the families of the Jews murdered in Mumbai this past week.

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg
Rivka Holtzberg
Rabbi Leibish Teitlebaum
Bentzion Chroman
Yohevet Orpaz

and at least 3 more unidentified Jews.

May G-d avenge their deaths.

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Lakewood Falling Down said...

Well stated. My question is, after we here in America voice our grief and shock, what will our reaction be,and what will be the actions and words of our Gedolim to guide us? My Rov used this tragedy as a reinforcer to remind of of our obligations of Achdut, and a push to better our Tefilot. He said he received a phone call asking didn't we say "Never Again"? My hope is that we better our Tefilot and maybe this will spur us to actually want the Geulah. Maybe. Hashem should have Rachmanus on all of us.

Anonymous said...

The soldiers in Nachal Oz have been begging to retreat or bunker down for months now. Anything but actually fight the enemy to stop the fire on the civilians around them.

That is the result of fleeing Lebanon retreat and the Gaza Expulsion. This thinking process is now officially ingrained in the IDF.

Anonymous said...

And this government has tremendous Chutzpah saying anything against the way the Indian forces stopped the terrorists.

Unbeliever said...

The Indian "security forces" are clowns. India is only interested in the way that the world perceives it, not in rescuing hostages. 60 hours to unsuccessfully deal with a few dozen terrorists? This thing took half as long as the 6 day war.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Unbeliever: Clowns? How long has it been since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists? Just a tad more than than 6 day war.

Israel announced today it will be released another 250 Fatah terrorists as a "good-will gesture".

You tell me, who is negotiating, who is capitulating, and who is fighting.

Leah Goodman said...

They may not have handled it perfectly, but at least they didn't sit there negotiating how they're going to give them everything in exchange for some dead bodies.

I think that the biggest mistake ever was to let soldiers work against Israeli citizens. Now our soldiers don't even know who the enemy is.

Your Correspondent said...

Some reports said the Mumbai killers were trying to free prisoners. If so, the quick response of the Indian forces busted up that effort.

The Indian response must partly be measured by the intent of the killers, and that is not fully known yet.

Cosmic X said...


Exactly what I was thinking!

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