Sunday, November 09, 2008

Those Evil Settlers

Labor Chairman and Defense Minister Ehud Barak @ last night's Saturday Night Rabin memorial rally, describing Jewish Right-wingers:
"We used to call them weeds, today they are no less than cancerous growths…There was writing on the wall then that we weren’t wise enough to see...this is not just writing on the wall, this is a sharp undermining of democracy, the rule of law, the IDF, police and all the authorities serving a normal society. We promise you Yitzhak, we will remove this evil from us."
Of course, if you attended the rally, Shimon Peres says of you:
"You are Israel's backbone; the difference between an inspirational democracy and anarchy, you are the ones who care, and Israel future and hopes depend on you."
Its very simple -- those who attend the Rabin Memorial political rally, are pro-peace, Israel's future, and the backbone of democracy.

If you didn't attend the political rally, are right wing or G-d forbid, a settler, then you are anti-peace, pro-war, racist, a cancerous growth...the embodiment of evil. (source)

R' Yuval Sherlo has an excellent op-ed piece directed at Shimon Peres on this very topic (still in Hebrew, will bring the link when it's in English) entitled; "This is not our Commemoration Rally" where he plainly states that it is not a Rabin Memorial Rally but a political one -- those with a different political outlook of the organizers are simply not invited, nor wanted.

1. Thanks to Commenter Abbi for the R' Sherlo link
2. Political Cartoon by Shai Charka, Makor Rishon Oct, 24, 2008

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Anonymous said...

These sort of reactions are very much in line with the religious belief that has come into being - Rabinism. Those who do not revere their saint, are heretics, and obviously on the wrong side...

Daniel said...

Damn those Soviet's for stopping Hitler before he could finish the job. If only Hitler had enough time all those frummies that have become settlers would have been gone. We and our secular brethren in America were intentionally silent to facilitate this.
Then we could have secularized the Sephardim with impunity and we'd all be "Israelis" and no longer Jews.
Our culture based on singing Britney Spears quality songs about a hill or a rock would win international prizes, and our arab neighbors would abandon Islam to become "Israelis". The pull of a culture that excels in "Transsexual singers" and "hip-hop" violinists is just too compelling.
Is it any wonder that the vast majority of yordim are religious settlers, and never secular Peace Now supporters. Olmert himself has 40 grandkids who all live in Israel.

Commenter Abbi said...

Vast majority of yordim are religious settlers? Really? Do you have any numbers to back that up? Last time I was in Queens, the Israeli community there looked more like Rishon L'Tzion and less like Tekoa.

And if your contention is correct, how are the settlers/D'L able to maintain such a high percentage of boys in the army, including leadership positions if they're all scrambling to find the fastest way to Natb'ag?

Your whole comment is ludicrous, but that settler part was a real winner.

Anonymous said...

abbi: He was being sarcastic and cynical. Olmert doesn't have 40 grandkids in Israel.
Read more carefully.

Daniel said...

yeshar koach abbi!

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