Thursday, February 02, 2012

"Rabbis for Human Rights" refuse to condemn the PA which praises the murderers of the Fogel Family

The following is a translation from an article in the Makor Rishon newspaper (seen on right), with additions by Jameel.

The organization "Rabbis for Human Rights’ knows exactly how to condemn the State of Israel and its authorities for any action against a Palestinian. Yet, when it comes to a letter which condemns the actions of the Palestinian Authority, the Rabbis for Human Rights would prefer not to be in conflict with Palestinian activists.

In a terrifying broadcast on Palestinian Authority official TV, the family of the convicted terrorist Hakim Awwad [murdered of the 5 members of the Fogel family] was interviewed. One after another, the family members were interviewed, each one praising the "hero and the legend" for his barbaric acts.

Mother of Convicted Murderer: Mother of Hakim Awad, killer of 5 Fogel family members:

"My greetings to dear Hakim, the apple of my eye, who carried out the operation in Itamar, sentenced to 5 life sentences" (video and article/comments from Palestinian Media Watch)

The broadcast created a storm within the Israeli media. Even Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned this to Ireland's Foreign Minister, Eamon Gilmore and said he hopes the Palestinian Authority will decide to restart the talks with Israel and abandon the path of terror and praising murderers.

Yariv Mohar, the spokesperson for Rabbis for Human Rights was outraged at the broadcast, and decided with other members of his organization to start a Facebook page which condemns the Palestinian Authority’s broadcast and the initiative started to gain popularity.

The activists wrote "To our dear friends, the Palestinians, we turn to you in pain because of the need to clearly announce that there are things which may never be part of a struggle." Unfortunately, other "Human Rights" activists refused to join the initiative. For example, a member of the "GISHA" organization, Blogger Itamar Goldstein asked his organization to join the initiative, signing a petition which condemns the action of the Palestinian Authority, yet he received a negative reply that [joining the petition] was outside the mandate of the organization.

Yariv Mohar turned to the organization he is spokesman for, "Rabbis for Human Rights" -- led by Rabbi Arik Asherman [pictured on right], and asked for them to join the initiative. It was explained that such an action [as joining the petition] could possible negatively impact the organization’s relationship with the Palestinian Authority, and Palestinian activists -- and therefore the organization refused to cooperate.

In response, the "GISHA" organization announced that their organization does not sign any petition outside its mandate which encouraging "freedom of movement." "Unfortunately, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict creates harsh statements on a daily basis which incite, and are in contradiction to basic moral ethics and human rights. We abhor them all, yet as an organization; we have chosen to focus all our energy -- not in condemning statements, but in progressing commerce, education, and family life. In our opinion, this is the best way to a better, different future for everyone."

Jameel adds: Arik did condemn the actual murderer when it happened:

We send our condolences and pray that God will send consolation to the surviving members of the Fogel family.

Life under the Israeli occupation may be difficult, but in no way can that justify the murder of a family including three children sleeping in their beds. (source)
Yet, he finds it ethically and morally challenging to condemn the Palestinian Authority which broadcasts programs which praise the same murderers. I guess educating Palestinians to hate is a good thing...despite his initial objection.

Not very rabbi-like.

Not very human-rights-like, either.

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Anonymous said...

So it turns out that Rabbis for Human Rights major funder is one William Benter, the same person who also funded J Street by employing a cutout in Hong Kong.

Washington Times - June 2010
"The Times obtained copies of J Street’s federal tax documents that also disclosed how nearly half of J Street’s revenue from July 2008 to June 2009 - a total of $811,697 - came from a single donor in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, named Consolacion Esdicul.

J Street’s Mr. Ben Ami said that Ms. Esdicul gave the money to J Street in multiple wire transfers at the behest of William Benter, a Pittsburgh-based philanthropist and the CEO of Acusis, a medical-services company"

One wonders at the organization's attractiveness to donors who prefer to hide their largest donations in the way Mr. Benter does.

Anonymous said...

Today's challenge:

Pick out the correctly used word(s) in "Rabbis for Human Rights".

Rabbi Arik Ascherman said...

What rubbish. We will be asking Makor Rishon to publicly apologize for publishing this. However, I now see that this will be like the story of the man who come to the rabbi and asks how he can make ammends for Lashon HaRa, and is told that he has the same chance of making ammends as of scattering the feathers of a pillow to the winds, and then regathering them all.

Yariv said...

Dear Arik,

Before you ask them to apologize, RHR should first publicly condemn the PA and join the initiative.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman said...

So, now somebody is adding another sin to Lashon HaRa by posing as our spokesperson Yariv?

Yariv said...

Arik, Arik, Arik,

You could prove the entire article wrong with one simple act - but you refuse to do it. And that proves them right.

And that only leads the rest of us to know what a real sinner you and HRW really are.

Daniel said...

Why should they apologize? These treife" reverends for human rights" are nothing more than latter day kapos who support the enemy.
Maybe clowns like Ashermann should go to a place like Aish to learn the basics of Torah.

Rabbi Arik Ascherman said...

Why would I condemn an act of legitimate resistance to occupation???

Daniel said...

Aschermann please do not profane the word "Rabbi" on a blog like this.
you are not a real rabbi. Clergy of reform, J for J , conservative , gay or whatever are not rabbis.High school age yeshiva bachurs have more training than $20 whores like you Go to a place like Aish and learn some basic Judaism. Otherwise continue paying the useful idiot(jiyza) tax.
I understand your need for publicity to compensate for the high level of intermarriage among quislings like you in the states, but when people like you marry out and pass on your genes to the goyim , its like removing tumor.

Yes, lets end the illegal arab occupation of Jewish land.
Meanwhile, may Hashem speedily uproot, smash,cast down, and humble the wanton sinners speedily in our days.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, how about you tone down your language a bit. Not only is there no need to descend to the level of the other side, but there is a good chance that some or all of the comments you're replying to are not actually by Ascherman.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to last year to attend one of Ascherman's (I refuse to use the word Rabbi)anti-Israel propaganda hate lectures. I am an older man and have traveled the US and the world quite a bit. On a few rare occassions I have run into people who were openly anti-semitic. I consider every-one of them to be far more honorable and honest than Ascherman who pretends to be one thing and is in fact the opposite. By his deceptions he has managed to co-opt some overly trusting and intellectually challenged Jews into helping his efforts to destroy the Jewish people from within.

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