Monday, February 06, 2012

What was the Jewish Press thinking?

The has been taking some very controversial positions lately, but what were they thinking with this cartoon?

That is very un-PC.

Yet, I admit there's a logic to it.

The Arab Spring is turning into an Arab Winter. The Arab states which were stable (to the West) but killed and mistreated their citizens, are now unstable, and will continue to kill and mistreat their citizens, this time under the guise of Moslem Fundamentalism, rather than Secular Dictatorship.

But this cartoon implies approval that Russian and China put stability first before the basic rights of Syrian citizens to choose their own oppressors.

Here at the Muqata, we said removing the dictatorships was a good thing, but most likely we'd get Muslim fundamentalists in return and that would be a bad thing.

Maybe this cartoon isn't so far off after all.

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Avraham said...

Russia and China want to extend their areas of influence and power. that is all there is to it. They cant do this with Israel because Israel is aligned to the west so they do it with the Arabs instead.

Anonymous said...

Both Russia and China have been very open about their Veto. They don't want foreign countries invading other countries just because they don't like how the oppressive government is treating it's people. Russia and China are both open to attack if that policy is accepted all the time. Because the question just becomes a matter of degree.

Trying to find some other motive is just stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to invade Russia or China, silly. They are both gigantic countries with world-class militaries and nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't stopped them from being invaded before.

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