Monday, November 07, 2005

Euro-Jihad: Gaza Today, Tomorrow Marseille

Arab apologists are trying their best to camouflaged any linkage between Islam and the intifada rioting going on in France, yet the Arab Press itself isn't denying anything. What's most damning is that France, which does everything in its power to criticize Israel for its behavior towards the Palestinians (any behavior!), has a long history of poor treatment of its Moslem citizens.

"France, the country that stands for freedom, equality and fraternity, has failed to protect the Arabs and provide them with jobs that helped integrate earlier immigrants.

"This is the paradox of integration faced with the promises the republic failed to keep," said criminologist Alain Bauer."

The rioting has started taking lives, and I'm curious how France will react. Regardless of what their reaction will be, you can be sure they will be blaming Israel the next chance they get.

Five cars were torched yesterday in Germany. I guess my prediction of the spread to Germany happened sooner than Germany. The true litmus test of whether this is a EuroJihad or not, will be if the intifada spreads to other countries. If it spreads, then there's something bigger and badder in the picture. If not, then the French are Eurosnobs who treat everyone equally poorly.

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jamal: As I wrote, the litmus test will be if the rioting spreads outside of France. "If not, then the French are Eurosnobs who treat everyone equally poorly."

Time will tell - watch this space.

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