Monday, November 14, 2005

The GodolHador Blog has left the Building

As the entire planet is well aware, the GodolHador (tm) Blogspot has committed blogocide, and has voluntarily (well, so he claims) stopped blogging.

While cruising through the J-blogosphere, the homegrown memorials are now everywhere, as famous, not so famous, and infamous bloggers post their tributes to this amazing blog, which garnered more than a quarter millions hits in under a year.

AskShifra even allows you to wager on whether the GodolHador will return. Since no definitive replacement was pre-determined by the GH, DovBear has his selection of possiblilities...will the GH readership be reduced to this?
For those worried that they can't access any of the site in its previous glory, the site archive instructions can be found here (as written in the comments section, its a form of hester panim). No need to worry - sites which are under the hashkafic certification of the GH will be presented with a genuine, unforgeable, digitally signed te'udat kashurt so you can be sure your emuna threat doesn't peak above elevated when reading them.

Bye GH - it was fun while it lasted. The Muqata eagerly awaits the GH's aliya, (and even if he stalls, and doesn't come today, we'll wait for him tomorrow), so we can invite him for a shabbat to realign his misguided misconceptions on Israeli politics and fullfilling mitzvat Yishuv Ha'Aretz.


Anonymous said...

yes very misguided.He also didn't show for the debate with R.Elyashiv.

Ze'ev said...

Any idea how they made those banners and tombstones?

Really amazing what you can do with technology...

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