Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hesder Yeshiva student/soldier, single-handedly kills 4 Hizbullah Terrorists

Yesterday afternoon, 4 Hizbullah terrorists on motorcycles and ATVs attacked the Israeli border town of Rajar. Ynetnews reports:

IDF Paratrooper David Markovitz shot, killed 4 Hizbullah terrorists who planned to abduct soldier Monday on northern border. Markovitz, recruited only 8 months ago, 'functioned extraordinarily,' commander says.
Markovitz joined the army in the framework of the Hedser Yeshiva program in March 2005. He resides in the community of Gamzo, and will celebrate his 21st birthday next week.

The incident took place Monday during an ambush near the border crossing in the village of Rajar, which is located on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

"The soldiers spotted four terrorists dressed in black, and moving in an orderly fashion toward the roadblock. Behind them the soldiers noticed jeeps and motorcycles - logistic support for the abduction operation," Elaluf recounted.

"The group was carrying an antitank missile, which was ready to be launched. They approached the force and at a distance of about 40 meters from the force, soldiers opened fire before the terrorists had a chance to respond," he said.
Markovitz, who was the force's marksman, "calmly conducted precise shooting. He shot, diverted the weapon, and hit all four men. The missile they were carrying blew up. Three were killed immediately, and the fourth terrorist fell on the ground, crawled for a short time and then died as well," Elaluf described.

'Remained calm under fire'

The precise shooting by the young marksman, Elaluf said, was what thwarted Hizbullah's plan. The four men were armed from head to tow, and had they been able to get closer to the soldiers, they could have easily abducted one of them.

These "Hesder" yeshiva student soldiers are among the most highly motivated in the Israeli army, and know exactly why we are living in Eretz Yisrael, and have no doubts of our validity to live here. Its unfortunate that General Elazar Stern (Head of IDF Manpower) has no qualms about shutting down the hesder yeshivot, and Shulamit Aloni never has a nice word to say about these top quality soliders either.

"Members of the hesder yeshivas, as well as their rabbis, have a lot of atoning to do this coming Yom Kippur, as none of them are unemployed or starving, and none of them were disinherited or abandoned. They are going back to Israel; back to their sovereign country, where the IDF, police and treasury tend to their every need."


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