Monday, November 28, 2005

Haaretz Darlings injure 7 IDF Border Policemen.

"The newspaper for thinking people" is the proudly branded slogan used by Haaretz. If you think, you read Haaretz, otherwise you must be a rightwing radical. Lets look at some of the Haaretz news stories today.

Over shabbat, Jewish Hevron organizers claim that more than 30,000 Jews spent shabbat in Hevron/Kiriat Arba to commemorate shabbat parashat Chayei Sara. To describe this newsworthy event, Haaretz uses the headline, "Settlers throw stones at Palestinian homes in Hebron." Yet, the very first sentence of the paragraph reads, "Youth from the Jewish enclave in Hebron and Palestinians threw stones at each other on Saturday and caused damage to property. Hebron police held two settler youths for investigation."

The shabbat gathering of 30,000 Jews is mere background information for the Haaretz libel attack. Instead of being the main news story, with reciprocal stone throwing as a backdrop, Haaretz ensures that its "thinking" readership first see the attention capturing headline which immediately implicates the settlers. Only in paragraph 3 is the statement from the Jewish Hevron leadership that the incident was reciprocal stone throwing in response to the Palestinians. Haaretz also ignores any further reporting on Palestinians throwing stones at Jews, or investigating the Jewish Hevron statement.

Nothing beats a great summation, "The left-wing organization Peace Now called for the evacuation of the Jewish settlers from the city, Army Radio reported." Why didn't they report on the Jewish Hevron council's call to build tens of more apartments in Hevron, to meet the huge demand for Jewish housing in Hevron?
Here are a few questions that come to mind:
  1. Why does the picture of the Palestinian woman not include the backdrop of 200 cut down trees? A much more impressive and meaningful picture would be a full grove of olive tree trunks. I've heard from many people today that this entire story is in the spirit of Pallywood productions.
  2. Why does Haaretz not have any single independent source of this atrocity? A "thinking" person would want to know if there are any other sources to the story. There isn't any corroboration to the story -- not even by the police or IDF! I assume that "thinking" people need to believe every word printed in Haaretz, and from the Palestinians in Salem.
  3. Most of the article is dedicated to quotes from social Kibbutz activist, Yoel Marshak. He doesn't have any eyewitness quotes at all. He's basing everything on what he heard (or read in Haaretz, or was told by the Haaretz reporter).

Why is there no mention that this land is disputed between Elon Moreh and Salem? That Palestinians continuously harass the settlers from Elon Moreh, with shootings and rock throwings on a daily basis? (Makes for good background information).

Yet, there is one story that happened yesterday that is blatantly absent from Haaretz. In fact, its missing from almost every single newspaper. The story appears as a "newsflash" on some sites, and briefly mentions that 7 border policemen were wounded and hospitalized yesterday by International Solidarity Movement "activists", Israeli Leftists, and Palestinians who were rioting against the building of the security fence. One of the soldiers is now in serious condition.

During the disengagement, Haaretz had screaming headlines of acid being poured on soldiers by anti-disengagement activists (which was proven to be false). Condemnations were heard left and right and PM Sharon decried the threat to Israel's democracy by the wild weeds of law breaking settler youth. Not one policeman or solider was injured to require hospitalization during the disengagement, (as opposed to quite a few anti-disengagement activists). Yet, the anti-disengagement protestors were vilified by Haaretz as the threat to democracy. When it comes to Haaretz's darlings -- the Leftists, not one word on condemnation at all.

Their hypocritical silence is deafening.


JoeSettler said...

You forgot to mention a few other tidbits.

The JNF investigated the claim last year from Salem that the Settlers cut down the trees.

The JNF's conclusion:
The claim is very strange. The trees weren't destroyed. If they were destroyed then they would have been cut down at their trunk close to the ground. The branches at the top were cut off. (Also known as pruning).

Apparently all the branches grow back within 2 years.

See these articles on pruning olive trees:

Apparently the Arabs didn't want to cause themselves long-term damage when the pruned their own trees.

JoeSettler said...
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JoeSettler said...

"reciprocal stone throwing" = "cycle of violence".

As one leftist responded to the fact that the Arabs threw the first stones - "That's not relevant".

JoeSettler said...

One of the more intriguing features of Haaretz is their open comments section at the end of many articles.

It is incredible how many anti-Semites there are out there (even ignoring those posting under multiple names).

It's interesting to see how many Jew haters are out there actually include our fellow Israelis!

And it's most interesting to see how the Settlers have become the "new Jews" and it has become socially acceptable to hate "them".

JoeSettler said...

And while I'm at it:

Visit me at

Anonymous said...

Those horrible feedback forums are reading to jump off a cliff to. I wasted many an hour on them when they were first launched- I boycott em now. But the bile still spews forth.

Cosmic X said...

Nice post Jameel. See what I wrote about ynet.

JoeSettler said...

It gets better.
First see a tree for yourself at:;_ylt=AiNN1JxThSOom2Pvgz9swDlgWscF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3dmhrOGVvBHNlYwNzc20-

Then read the Arutz-7 article at:

It has a detailed response that not only confirms what (also corrects some minor details) I said, while adding even some more interesting information, such as:

"The branches begin growing back 2-3 months after they are cut, and grow to full size within two years. "In the meanwhile," Visuly said, "the orchard owners receive stipends from the Saudis, via the PA."

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

JoeSettler: Gives a whole new meaning to "Tree-hugger"

I had already read last night that this was a Pallywood production, but didn't know how bad it was.

Purple Parrot: Who are those people writing the commensts in Haaretz? Are they real people!? Are they Jewish Leftists? Someone told me once that Arabs masquerade as Jews (reverse Jameel?) on Haaretz reader boards. I hope I don't come off as that offensive!

Anonymous said...

greattt post.The editor of haaretz wears a kipa.It's tough to think he's a jew and more so that he is dati.
Your critical analysis is so important.Maybe a weekly column on haaretz and others can add to it.

Anonymous said...

Joe Settler- just wondering- are you claiming that A7 is the font of all that is true?!

Re the Haaretz columns- most of the commenters seem real enough, and many people - including Jews of all politics you can imagine, and then some- write from around the world. Lots of Arabs comment too, from all over, not just the Middle East or Palestine. It actually could be a very helpful forum for dialogue, if it didn't keep getting hijacked by the pathetic mudslingers from both sides.

As for masquerading- there was, in "my" day, one regular Palestinian who definitely pretended to be a Reverse-Jameel with different aliases, but they usually weeded him out pretty quick- he always made the same typos.

Don't worry, everyone is represented- but it usually degenerates into a slanging match pretty quickly. Shame.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but never underestimate the vitriol a Jew can have for other Jews. At my University, there was a group of Jews who would always protest with the Arabs... amidst all the "death to Israel," and "from the river to the sea/palestine [sic] shall be free" cries there were always some Jewish faces (and I'm not referring to NK, although we got them too). More than one of these Jews was arrested on charges relating to their activities (something none of the "solidarity movement" people ever did). ~sigh~

JoeSettler said...

pp: Well, as Jameel can also confirm, having had the occasional occasion to have been “onsite” at events and occurrences that the various media sources reported on, I can definitely attest to the fact that Haaretz is among the worst when it comes to accuracy and bias whenever Settlers or Right-wingers are involved.

But you don’t need me to tell you that. Just read Haaretz articles on Palestinian-Settler social activities. You don’t find the Settler version of events reported as often, given as much space, or certainly given any “authority”.

If I correctly recall the original post on the Hebron rock throwing incident (which I do recall correctly), for the first few hours Haaretz didn’t even have the Settler’s side in their article. It only said that Settlers threw stones at the Palestinians.

Now that’s real honest and unbiased reporting.

Oh and yes, for all its faults, A-7 does get it right more often than Haaretz when it come to that.

And on a final note, as an occasional contributor to a particular well-known “centrist” media source on events that occur in Judea/Samaria, I know for a fact that the newspapers embellish, reword, and even modify the events for some particular reason unknown to me.

More than once an editor or reporter has reworked a report of mine to describe events in a way that simply didn’t happen.

Perhaps it fits in better with their worldview that way.

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