Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Topic Handoff from JoeSettler - Israeli poll: 74% say: Arab violence will only increase

picture hat-tip to Tovya

JoeSettler handed this off to me, so I'll run with it a bit. The poll can mean alot:

  1. Israelis are die-hard dreamers. Peace will come one day...really...if we keep wishing, giving land to them...giving money to them...there will be peace, right?
  2. Israelis are masochists. Hit me again! Let me turn the other cheek...WHAM. Was that another Qassam rocket? Its not like they are falling in Gush Dan...and the shootings are only in the occupied territories (let the settlers get what they deserve).
  3. Israelis are tired, will give away everything, and will cling to any hope that things will get better, even though they know its a farce.
  4. Israelis aren't stupid, but the leadership is...and there's no real electoral alternative. Kach was a real alternative in the 80's, till the Likud, Techiya and Labor got rid of them. How's that for democracy -- outlaw your political opponents in the name of democracy.
  5. Deep-down, many Israelis don't believe we are entitled to live here in biblical Israel, and the Palestinians have lived here for thousands of years...so they deserve everything.
  6. Maybe someone from the right just kept voting on the Haaretz site? (cookies disabled)

Handoff to Ze'ev.


JoeSettler said...

The poll was an actual poll, not a website clickfest.

Ze'ev said...

Jameel, I kept the ball rolling...

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