Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Gadgets don't always deliver on Israel's security.

The more you Disengage, the more things stay the same...well, the terror does.

After a totally meaningless "treaty" was signed yesterday condemning terrorism, the rockets are back at us, after a 2 week re-arming.

Palestinian Terrorist Qassam missiles attack Israel, once again. After two weeks of calm, Qassam rockets were fired Monday at Israeli targets once again. One rocket landed at an Israeli town close to the southern Gaza border, falling in a field near the fence. The IDF chose not to respond. In addition, a mortar shell landed in an Israeli town north of Gaza, causing light damage to a house. (hat-tip: ynet)

Residents also said the Red Dawn alert system, designed to warn of imminent rocket and mortar attacks, failed to go off.

Israel's leadership is becoming more and more dependent on high tech military gadgets, then on putting the fear of the IDF into its enemies. Instead of really scaring the PA into reigning in the terrorists (fine, there's no chance of that ever happening), Israel signs silly treaties in an attempt to define terrorism...with the Palestinian Authority.
Other high tech gadgets include;
  • The "Security" Wall (which even Haaretz had to begrudgingly admit that it doesn't help against car theft)
  • The Arrow anti-missile system
  • Merkava IV tank armor

When Israel starts defending itself through massive retaliatory force (even though DovBear doesn't approve of collateral damage), instead of relying on gadgets, we'll be in much better shape.


yitz said...

"When Israel starts defending itself through massive retaliatory force (even though DovBear doesn't approve of collateral damage), instead of relying on gadgets, we'll be in much better shape."

Amen, netzach, Selah, va'ed!!!

FrumGirl said...

The situation only gets worse. You say it like you see it... thanks for a real point of view.


وفي الرد على الإجراءات النازية شهدت العديد من بلدان العالم، وبخاصة في أوروبا وأمريكا الشمالية، دعوات متزايدة لمقاطعة ألمانيا اقتصادياً، وأقدمت كثير من الشركات على إلغاء تعاملها مع ألمانيا والتخلي عن وكالاتها للسلع الألمانية. ولقد التقت على الدعوة للمقاطعة الأحزاب والنقابات والشخصيات السياسية والفكرية الليبرالية والماركسية، التي غدا تناقضها جميعاً مع النازية متقدماً على تناقضاتها فيما بينها. وكان مقرراً أن تنظم مظاهرة لدعاة المقاطعة في ساحة مديسون في نيويورك، وأن يلقي ستيفن وايز، زعيم الكونغرس اليهودي الأمريكي، الخطاب الرئيسي فيها، ليعلن إنشاء حركة مقاطعة عامة. ولكن المنظمة الصهيونية التي كانت ترى في المقاطعة عاملاً معيقاً لنشاطها في مجالي الهجرة والاستيطان، أبرقت إليه مطالبة إياه الاعتدال في خطابه، والاكتفاء بالاحتجاج على الاعتداءات الفردية، دون التطرق للمقاطعة بصورة مباشرة وحدِِِِِِِّية. ولقد التزم الزعيم اليهودي غير الصهيوني بالتعليمات التي وردته من القادة الصهاينة إثر اجتماعهم في لندن.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Amshi: I don't put filthy limericks on YOUR blog!

Translation of the arabic for everyone else:

There was once a Blogger from Hell
Whose writing was worse than his smell.
He tried to explode,
When crossing the road.
But tripped on his shoelace and fell.

Ze'ev said...

Jameel, we don't only rely on the high tech gadgets, but also o nthe low-tech gimmicks - like tunnels, by-pass roads, concrete slabs along the roads, checkpoints...

tafka PP said...

You can argue all you want about what "tech" the "Security Wall" is- but before you write off belief in collateral damage, check this link out if you think you can handle it - its from the "other" side.


And, Jameel- your Arabic seems to have improved dramatically in the last few days!

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Parrot; Thanks! I took the Berlitz (tm) speed reading in arabic course.

The problem is getting the iambic pentameter down pat, when transliterating from the arabic.

Life is full of challenges I guess.

Anonymous said...

Here are some simple low-tech solutions:

حكم باْعدام or طرد

Otherwise, we become just another جيش اْحتِل.

It's really simple, we just have to decide what we want to be - a مملكة or a ماخور ( and in this case we are the متناكة who gets paid in سفك الدماء).

بلغه تحياتي,


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the broken link:


Oleh Yahshan said...

as much as I agree that we should not rely only on high tech, I know for a fact that we have the simple solutions as well. Such as sending units into cities and taking people out. I agree 100% that we should do it more often, but on the other hand those High tech, used correctly (no, we don't use it correctly) can help the Low tech forces an improve our skills.

you don't need a 6th sense to fish out someone in a roadblock - trust me, it's not that hard - if I place you in a road block after about a month you will figure it out.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Oleh Yashan: I would have no problem at all if we used our high tech gadgets in tandem with some of the tried and true methods.

I have nothing at all against technology (owing my personal income to high-tech), but when we tie out hand behind our backs and cover our heads with a sack...the high tech gadgets don't really accomplish much.

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice the interesting comments Jameel and others put on the Bethlehem site. pp would do well to read them.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

anonymous: PP does read them...its too bad the Palestinians don't read them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jameel: Anonymous, don't judge until you know me a bit better.

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