Monday, November 13, 2006

Jameel's picks of the day.

I'm slightly too busy to write a posting today, but did come across the following worthwhile reads:

EsserAgoroth writes about the new bus routes in the Shomron (which affect me as well) and how the new routes/cancellation of the old routes are a premonition of things to come for the Shomron.

JoeSettler writes about an unbelievable story; how the franchise owner of McDonalds in Israel is so radically left in his hatred towards Judaism, that he would rather lose money than allow for certain branches to be Kosher. More on this to come; we should start a campaign to have him lose the franchise.

Yisrael Medad tell us how ex-Chief Justice Aharon Barak aligns himself with Reform Judaism and declares it to be the Universal Stream of Judaism (aligned with Israel). No wonder they gave the high priest of Israel's secularism, a PhD. The weird thing is, I don't Reform Judaism would consider themselves, "secular" -- which in Barak's eyes, are "absent of religion."
New Blog Alert: No, this isn't about Lot's Daughter that DovBear pointed me to last week, but to an excellent new blog: The Maggid of Bergenfield. Very Highly Recommended.
Maybe I'll post something a bit later this evening...

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Anonymous said...

In kanyon harel, MCdonalds has a rabbanut hechsher. No?

smb said...

I agree about the maggid blog. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Maggid - Lincoln Navigator? Not from IDT in Israel! They don't pay enough to cover bus fare.

Anonymous said...

Maggid's blog is great storytelling. I can totally see the children eating up every word.

Just curious though, is there any contemporary truth in the stories? They seem so believable.

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