Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Olmert should "get with the program"

In his typical snarky fashion, Prime Minister Olmert raised the ire of many US Democratic leaders when he openly declaring his support for the American war on Iraq during his trip to the US yesterday.

Olmert may approve of the war, but at this current juncture in time, many see Olmert's comments as an attempt to interfere with internal politics in the USA.

Haaretz reports:
Politicians from the Democratic Party said they wanted to speak to Olmert about his comments on the Iraq war before responding publicly, but said they were uncomfortable with the comments. If Olmert planned his remarks and intended them to come out as they did, a Democratic official said, then they are not acceptable and can be seen as an attempt to influence the American political dispute.
On the one hand, American leaders have done this to Israel many times. US Presidents, including Bush Sr. and Clinton have always made comments that could be seen as attempting to influence internal Israeli politics.

Yet Olmert needs to understand that he's not the President of the United States, and that it's not correct to publically orate on such a politicial hot potato -- definitely not after the elections which indicates that US public opinion wants US forces out of Iraq as quickly as possible.

This is just another example of Olmert's super-ego getting the best of him.

No surprise here; Olmert's just not Prime Minister material, he should just go back to real-estate, where his financial acumen seems to earn him quite a lot.

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Unknown said...

Kind of disagree...

Olmert is doing what every US politician does all the time, which may or may not be okay, as you said.

But the election really wasn't about Iraq - of the 5 Republicans who voted against the war, 3 were voted out, and most of the Dems who were voted in are considered "conservative Dems". Also, the poll following up the election showed (though I hate polls) that while people were happy with the results, they were "most concerned" with the possibility that the Dems would push a 'too-fast' pullout in Iraq. (Barely beating being weak on defense issues.)

Anonymous said...

jameel, I think Olmert belongs in Jail.

Sarah said...

I don't really think that the election results indicate that Americans want troops out of Iraq as fast as possible - I think it was more that we needed to change how we're handling the situation in Iraq.

Allegedly (can't find a reliable source right now), Dem Charles Rangel has called to reinstate the draft so as to have enough manpower to finish what's going on in Iraq... Personally, I don't really think that will solve the problem, but I digress...

Olmert is entitled to his opinion. We're entitled to our vote.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

Olmert should have zipped his lips because (1) the American government isn't going to consider the wishes of the Prime Minister of Israel when it decides what to do in Iraq, and (2) publically supporting a war that the majority in the American congress don't support is a dumb tactical move.

That being said, anyone in Congress who cries foul when the leader of another country weighs in on American policy is the world's biggest hypocrite. The American government meddles in the affairs of many, many countries and doesn't think twice about it.

Fern @ Life on the Balcony said...

anysara--Rangel has been advocating for a draft for a long time and for a whole host of stupid reasons. In 2003 he introduced a bill in Congress to reinstate the draft because he is miffed that the military is largely made up of people who come from poor and middle class backgrounds: "I truly believe that those who make the decision and those who support the United States going into war would feel more readily the pain that's involved, the sacrifice that's involved, if they thought that the fighting force would include the affluent and those who historically have avoided this great responsibility." CNN Article. Of course the bill was ridiculously stupid and Rangel showed a profound lack of understanding about the inner workings of the American military. Basically he wants to institute a draft because if America forced people who didn't want to join to the military and who were ill suited for the American military to join, then Americans would never support actually using our military.

Anonymous said...

It is not his superego,it has too mny holes in it .It his stupidity.

Lion of Zion said...

there is a big difference between olmert and bush/clinton, even if both essentially were guilty of "interfering" in the domestic politics of a foreign country.

when bush/clinton made their comments (some) israelis paid attention. and perhaps rightfully so, as america is a) the superpower and b) israel's closest friend and supporter.

on the other hand, which american cares what olmert pronounces on america's involvement in iraq?

Lion of Zion said...


fern's reading of rangel is what i understood of his motives as well

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