Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Winning Combination: G-d and the IDF

One of the worst problems a Jewish State can have, is to haughtily claim, כוחי ועוצם ידי עשה לי את החיל הזה , "My strength and might have built me this army."

When Israel brags about the IDF and ignores the fact that our might, strength and military success are based on help from G-d -- then we lose wars and our existance is threatened.

Thankfully, the IDF is now making a sound military investment and is installing mezuzot in the Ministry of Defense. And since the money is coming from US military aid to Israel, and the money needs to be spent in the USA -- the mezuzot were purchased from American sofrim (scribes)!
The Defense Ministry recently used USD 30,000 of American military aid money, but didn't buy guns and ammunition for IDF soldiers. Instead the money was used to purchase mezuzahs for the prime minister, defense minister and military generals.
Israel is obligated to use the military aid money that it receives from the United States on American equipment and merchandise. Israel even committed itself to purchase US equipment worth upwards of USD 30,000.
Though hundreds of millions of dollars from this grant given to Israel by the US administration every year are set aside for military purposes, the Defense Ministry finds some unconventional outlets for using the money.
Even though many Torah scribes make a living writing mezuzah scrolls in Israel, the Defense Ministry preferred to use the American aid money to purchase mezuzahs from American Judaica dealers. These mezuzahs will be affixed to the doorways of all the rooms in the Defense Ministry's new building in the Kirya base in Tel Aviv.
Offices of the prime minister, the defense minister, and generals in the General Staff will be in this building.
The Defense Ministry confirmed the news Tuesday evening and explained that budgetary considerations led them to acquire the mezuzahs from the United States given their lower prices.
So...when the American taxpayer helps Israel though military funding, you are strengthening Israel militarily, spiritually, and providing financial support to American sofrei stam which also contributes to the American economy (keeping the money in the US).

What could be better?!

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Mike Miller said...

Boruch Hashem!

Kibi said...

Prepare for the inevitable scandal: "Why were poor Israeli sofrim left out of the army's spending? - it's anti-Chareidi bias!" etc etc

Anonymous said...


Sarah Likes Green said...

that's great :)

Anonymous said...

Wow -
Hearing it gives me hope!

Anonymous said...

There's going to have to be a UN meeting to condemn Israel and the US for this blatant enlistment of G-d on one side of the conflict.

(seriously, cool story)

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

naaaa, the scandal is that American sofrim charge a lot more than Israeli ones :-P

Anonymous said...

I just hope no anti semite starts jumping up and down about spending tax payers blah blah blah.
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Michael said...

From my Bar Mitzvah haftarah:
Lo v'chayil, lo v'choach, ki im b'ruchi, amar hashem tzevaot.

PsychoToddler said...

And I bought my last four sets of tfillin from an Israeli sofer so equilibrium is restored.

Scraps said...

That's ironic, isn't it?


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Lion of Zion said...

ironic. i usually push off purchases of religous articles until i can buy them in the holy land.

bagel blogger: "I just hope no anti semite starts jumping up and down about spending tax payers blah blah blah."

I just hope the aclu does not start jumping up and down about spending tax payers to fund religion, blah blah blah.

Jack Steiner said...

Pretty cool.

JJ said...

Way cool!

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