Thursday, March 26, 2009

Labor is better than Kadima

Driving to work this morning, I heard MK [Likud] Dr. Yuval Steinetz on IDF (Galei Tzahal) radio, saying how Netanyahu wants as wide a coalition as possible, including Labor and Kadima.

I laughed out loud hearing this, as its so obviously a "spin" and has nothing to do with reality.

Both Labor and Likud despise the Kadima party. Their shared antagonism is based on individual issues, but its useful for these 2 parties to work towards a common goal -- the destruction of Kadima.

Kadima was born out of Arik Sharon's refusal to accept the democratic decision of the Likud membership's rejection of the "Disengagement." Sharon brought the Disengagement to a vote of the entire membership, not only the "Central Committee", and promised to adhere to their decision. Sharon blatantly ignored the vote's outcome, "Disengaged" from Gaza, formed the Kadima party, and bolted from the Likud, taking many Likud leaders with him, including Olmert, Livni, HaNegbi, Mofaz, Hischenson, and others. Absent of ideology and created as a "centrist" party, many disenfranchised Likud voters moved towards the Kadima party.

From the Left, Kadima also drew from the Labor party, including Peres, Itzik, Ramon, and Labor party voters have also moved in the direction of Kadima, shrinking the Labor party.

So while Steinetz may issues spins that the Likud wants a government with Livni, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Prior to the election, Dr. Benny Begin gave an interview on the radio (also IDF radio) urging people to vote Likud. He said if you feel you must vote for a party to the left of the Likud, he suggested "voting for a party with a well founded ideology". MK Shellly Yechimovitch [Labor] spoke right after Begin on the same program, where I have never heard nicer things from her about the Likud. She echoed Begin's comments, "if you vote for a party to the right of Labor, please don't vote Kadima, but for a serious party, like the Likud."

Today, MK Tzippy Hotebelli said "Kadima is the ultimate expression of opportunism. One should never forget their responsibility for the Disengagement, the second war in Lebanon, and the [political and strategic] failures of the Cast Lead operation which did not end as it should have."

Note: Yet another rocket was launched from Gaza at Israel around 11:40 AM this morning towards the Sdot Negev region. No damage or injuries were reported.

While I'm not thrilled about Labor joining the government, I'd be much more disgusted if Kadima had joined.

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Ezzie said...

Agreed. I think the primary goal of Barak joining is to destroy Kadima.

Anonymous said...

do you honestly believe that the rockets from gaza are going to stop being fired when bibi finally gets into office.

The definition of opportunism is Barak - atleast Kadima has shown some idealism by refusing to join this new extremist government that will be the biggest disaster the country has ever seen !

Anonymous said...

"...this new extremist government that will be the biggest disaster the country has ever seen !"

I can't figure out if you mean extreme left or extreme right

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I didn't waste my vote on that pathetic fig leaf of a party.

Barak and the Labour Party central committee have shown themselves to be motivated by ministerial seats and nothing else. Once Kadima decided to lead the opposition, Barak would have had no official status and that wouldn't do would it? What he doesn't realise is that acting as Bibi's fig leaf will not draw any voters back to Labour and will not allow him and Labour to become a real, left wing alternative (socially or diplomatically). What in eeejit.

Yellow Boy

Anonymous said...

Avi -

The only one here making prophecies about what will happen once Bibi gets into office is yourself.

Anonymous said...


Livni got it into her head that she wants the prime-minister's chair. (This affliction once possessed Foad Ben Eleizer. Who took down Arik Sharon's first government.)

Bibi met with her and let it be known that he was quite generous. She decided to "sit it out." Did she know that Ehud Barak would figure out how to join Bibi's government? I have no idea.

But I certainly knew that Barak worked overtime with Bibi, to bring down Olmert's government. And, here? It was Livni's idea to "go to new election." Rather than sitting still, and letting the clock run on Olmert's time in office.

Now, she's again "perched."

She's said Bibi fails within the year. Thinking she can upset stuff from the opposition, once budget talks need to be done. So? Bibi has now moved "budget talks two years away" saying that budgets won't be done annually, anymore.

Will storms come? Of course! The police again will "try" Lieberman in the press, this time. But this type of interference with voters, and their choices, is beginning to smell bad. Isn't it?

The real prize in Israeli politics is to discover who is most attractive to the CENTER. Livni, I think, has hurt the Kadima party. Let alone, what could break loose, ahead, from her faction?

While in America, so far, Obama is an "unknown" card holder. If, however, he does what Condi Rice did? Then there goes his dancing pass. And, he loses Florida in 2012.

In politics, like in life, sometimes the best you can do is just sit and wait.

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