Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ponzi and Pyramids

How appropriate.

I'm absolutely livid at the "Agel" pyramid scheme...and you'll read about it here in the coming days. Pyramid schemes that take advantage of unfortunate souls, promising dreams of financial wealth and independence. It was obvious to me from the beginning what a pyramid scheme it was, but I never imagined what a slippery slope of unethical behavior it could produce.

One reminder: the ancient pyramids, (like those today), were all built by slaves.

The rant is just starting...

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Anonymous said...

Lurker said...

Anonymous @ 8:16 PM: By jewish slaves, to be precise.

Jews did not build the pyramids.

The pyramids of Egypt were built during the Third and Fourth Dynasties, which were during the 27th to 25th centuries BCE. Avraham Avinu lived almost a millenium after that. (See here for a summary of details.) Thus, the Israelites didn't even exist at the time the pyramids were built.

Lurker said...

I'd like to know what involvement Evil Bert had in all of this...

Anonymous said...

Okay, the jews only built the pyramids when it suits them, for instance as a proof that the world owes everything to the jews. :-)

I mean, it just depends on how you define time. Lineair or not. Ask the rabbis about that.

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