Monday, March 30, 2009

IDF Prosecutor Closes Case on abuse in Gaza.

What started out as a roar, has died down to nothing.

After Haaretz reported (and opinioned) that IDF soldiers intentionally shot and killed innocent Gazan civilians, the IDF Chief Prosecutor opened an investigation into alleged war crimes.

The IDF Chief Prosecutor, Brigadier General Avi Mandelblit quickly determined that the "facts" presented by Haaretz, were totally unsubstantiated by any factual evidence whatsoever. (YNET)

This was blatantly obvious to me at the time, since the primary mission of Haaretz to is slander the Israel and the IDF, and with so many religious soldiers and officers, the IDF is a prime target.

Till the next time (probably tomorrow).

PS: Here's a good example from last week. See how Haaretz believes it's a crime against humanity for religious officers to avoid mixed swimming. The cultural elite of Israel's liberal left is so anti-religious that that they insist on forced melting pot secularization to the point that they believe letting religious soldiers NOT attend mixed swimming events is evil.

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Aaron K. said...

One can regularly read Haaretz reprints in the articles by Israel's enemies.
A few years back, I had written to Steven Plaut asking why the gov't has never passed a law regarding the ativities of the Left, especially Machsom Watch, Shalom Achsahav, etc, as treasonous. Including in this catagory would be the Keneset members who meet with the enemy and many Haaretz writers who give ammunition to the enemy.
His answer is so, unfortunately, true. If such a law was passed, it would be almost exclusively used against the Zionist Right & never against the post-Zionists.
Haaretz can print any slanderous article giving aid to the enemy & get away with it. Similiar articles or statements by the Right are considered racist, agitation, etc. Ah, tyrany of the Left has been joined by tyrany of political oppertunists.( Kadima was born from Likud.)
Re the 'rasha': "...veilu hayah sham, lo hayah nigal."

Gee a Moron said...

Of course, the mere fact that this investigation was closed quickly is de facto proof that the army is part of the cover up... (Reshet Bet last night)

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