Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mystery Religious Jew Kills Bulldozer Terrorist

Rumor has been flying around about a mystery religious guy who actually killed the terrorist, and then didn't want to be mentioned in the press so he took off and told everyone there not to mention him.

Is this mystery hero somehow connected to Mercaz HaRav? That we don't know yet...

But we can confirm that there is 100% truth to this rumor.

The video below is from a traffic camera that caught the attack on video. And caught our hero on camera.

You can see one of the heroes who first shot and neutralized the terrorist - with his tzitzis flying and kipa on his head.

So who is our anonymous hero?

Hattip: to DoubleTapper.
Read more on DoubleTapper, as well as additional videos.


The religious hero is a Rabbi from the Horev yeshiva!

We're still waiting for the Mercaz HaRav connection.

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Anonymous said...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... Rabiman!

ah check this

Anonymous said...

Jameel - Wishful thinking...but let's be honest here. If you look carefully at the video and follow the different figures, you see that the evidence seems to show that your headline (religious Jew kills...) has no basis. The guy (let's call him A) who is closest to the tractor throughout - on the camera side of the tractor is not the religious guy (call him B). When the camera later zooms in you can see that there are numerous bullet holes in the tractor window on the side that "A" was earlier. "B" comes later and it's not clear he plays any important role here.

Anonymous said...

There is someone shooting at 13:03:09. (Taxi driver, cop?)

The cop(?) seems to run around from one side to the other.

Then at 13:03:39 and 13:03:41 it looks like the Rabbi is shooting twice.

You can see on the A7 site from the photos that the window has been shot up from the Rabbi's side.

There are also a bunch of Chareidim walking around for the view, and then some guy walks up right in front of the cop's line of site (13:03:46)!!!

Then there is that guy in the light blue who shows up later.

Anonymous said...

The stepfather of 16-year-old Avraham David Mozes killed in Mercaz Harav, also teaches in Horev.

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