Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Israel: My Land, and that of the Jewish People

Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before the US Congress today brought many accolades from Jews around the world.

"Kiddush Hashem" -- a sanctification of God's Name.

"Amazing Speech"


...were some of the responses to his speech. Eloquent as always, Netanyahu managed to seemingly put enough obstacles in the face of the Palestinians, to prevent any agreement with them forever:

1. Hamas must not be part of the Palestinian Authority
2. No "Right of Return" to Israel for Palestinian refugees
3. Long lasting Israeli security presence on Jordan River
4. Demilitarized Palestinian State
5. Unified Jerusalem under Israeli control
6. No return to indefensible 1967 borders.

I have 2 primary issues with Netanyahu's speech and his premise for a Palestinian State:

1. Israel will remain a Democracy with a 20% Arab population -- yet the Palestinian State demands to be Judenrein, free of Jews. The land of Israel is the heartland of the Jewish people, the spiritual hub of Judaism -- giving it away in the name of the biggest PR scam in history, the "existence of a Palestinian people" is simply ludicrous. Giving in to the demands for a Palestinian State is the worst capitulation to terror in modern history.

2. Assuming I ignore everything stated above, I don't believe that Netanyahu would actually stand up to his own conditions. Just as the Oslo accords were full of fanciful arrangements (some which all collapsed immediately and the rest of them over time) -- they were a marketing masterpiece. The radical left wing idea of a Palestinian State in 1993 would never have received backing of the Israeli people, so it was spun and marketed till it became facts on the ground...and the idea gradually took hold of Israel's center...and has even encroached on the Israeli right.

Netanyahu has openly written about the dangers of a Palestinian State. He has already capitulated and rejected his own published works...I see no reason to believe he will back his own conditions in future negotiations.

It's irrelevant that my home and community are on the chopping block -- every single Jewish home and community in Judea and Samaria should remain under Israeli rule.

Regardless of whether any Palestinian State ever comes into existence or not, the land of Israel, in its entirety, will forever be the homeland of the Jewish people.

It will yet again be entirely ruled by Israel.

The land is indeed, very, very good.


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Renegade said...

Basically Bibi is a RINO (Right-winger In Name Only)

He talks the talk, it's about time he walked the walk.

JoeSettler said...

I think we can all agree that regarding the speech, his policy statements sucked (and when did a PA state become part of the Likud platform?), while his statements on Israel were excellent.

Mrs. Settler thinks that Bibi formulated his speech this way because most of the world is coming from a position against us.

First he defended us, then said he would agree to some of their demands, but first they must agree to ours, putting the ball firmly in their court.

Unfortunately we already see that the EU wasn't moved.

NormanF said...

Every one doubts Netanyahu will be resolute.

When enough pressure is applied, he submits.

Will any one remember his stipulations in a month - three months - six months or next year?

I doubt it. And the Arabs are not interested in peace with Israel even on terms entirely advantageous to them.

They want an Israeli surrender. And that is why the Jew-hating world backs them.

Green Thumb Gardening said...

It is strange that every sentence Netanyahu said was met with applause from members of Congress; apparently they are stupidly ignorant of the true meaning to the suffering of the Palestinian people under occupation.

Anonymous said...

The standard of living rose higher and faster for Arabs living under Israeli 'occupation' than in any other Arab country.

Anonymous said...

He didn't breathe a word about the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan being the actual, already extant, "Palestinian" state.

anon said...

Jameel, I agree with you.
But, unfortunately, the facts on the ground have been created and even more unfortunately accepted by most of the world and perhaps half of the Israelis.
Tafasta meruba lo tafasta. Netanyahu has to hold on to what he can.
Furthermore, the parts of Israel that are already for all intents and purposes under Palestinian control, perhaps we have what to gain, in the short term at least, by removing from our authority.

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu did not say that Palestine will be 'Jew free'. He said that some settlements will remain outside the Israeli borders.

It's an important distinction.

Anonymous said...

We here in America are furiously looking for an American birth certificate for Bibi.

If only....

Anonymous said...

The days of using the Comment Section of this blog for any type of debate about policy are long gone. Opinion here is pretty much unilateral and hostile to any opposing point of view.
Have a nice day.


Rob said...

Hey Larry. Why not articulate your point of view instead of complaining?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Larry; I didn't see anyone bashing anyone else here in the comment section. No hostility either...

ddapriori said...

Well, never too late.

BiBi is a liar who has no interest in peace and will pursue Greater Israel come what may. Obama told him to knock it off and he is, reportedly, angry. This is good.

As a Jew, I am sick the piggish expansion of Israel at the expense of others. I loathe these bully boys and hope America withdraws its guarantee.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

ddapriori: So I guess as a Jew you are happy with the PA's announcement that their future Palestine will be Jew-free?

Piggish expansion of Israel? So sorry we won the war.

How very piggish of us not to get slaughtered.

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