Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is wrong with Tzipi Livni?

Why does Otniel Schneller, a member of Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni's party (though admittedly to the right of Livni) need to remind Livni that it is completely unprofessional to attack the Prime Minister of the country when he is overseas?

Livni added that such a prime minister should resign. "I am saying this loud and clear."
Is the basic concept of "politics ends at the water's edge" for politicians so foreign to this person who imagines herself qualified to be prime minister, that she will actually try to cut down the prime minister while nearly everyone else in Israel sees their country being attacked and commends Netanyahu defending it?

Tzipi Livni amazes me.

She takes this absolute Leftwing position, and despite that, doesn't realize how absurd her position is, when she cannot even travel to England without worrying about being arrested.

If Livni wanted to really show political maturity, she would get on a plane and go to England. That more than anything would show she is prepared to take steps that need to be taken to defend out citizens, and it would force the British government to risk creating an international incident, or alternatively, finally end this absurd situation where Israeli politicians and officers cannot go to England without threat of arrest.

But Livni won't be doing that. It's easier to heckle from the back rows than to show political maturity.

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Anonymous said...

I'm somehow convinced that Shneller and Meridor have swapped their seat.
Each belong to the other's party.

JoeSettler said...

I'd have to agree. At first I thought Schneller was merely another Kadima opportunist, but he actually does has a value system and a political worldview.

Meridor is definitely in the wrong party.

Anonymous said...

Martin Peretz of "The New Republic" was quoted as saying, that among th many Israeli PMs he has known, Tzippi "Doesn't seem all that deep. She has this shtik that, 'My parents were Revisionists, I wuld never do anything to hurt Israel' She's attractive, and takes pains to make herself appear that way".

I would say that about covers it. Off with her well-coiffed head!

yoni r. said...


Tzipi Livni is among the PMs? Maybe you meant, "compared to the many Israeli PMs".

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