Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jameel's Milluim

As most of you know Jameel is currently in Milluim which is why he hasn't been updating the blog. Perhaps next week he'll have time to dictate something to me over the phone and I'll post it.

To my surprise, I had a little bit of free time this morning so I drove down to his base. We had a few good laughs (he'll tell you why when the Miluim is over, but some things are just not right - hameivin yavin).

Jameel alleviated my concerns regarding the radiation (don't ask, as I won't tell).

Unfortunately Jameel doesn't have enough food on his base, so he couldn't offer me lunch. Last week he actually went out to buy some Badatz food for one of his Chareidi soldiers who had nothing to eat at all on Shabbat.

Lucky for me though, Treppenwitz had driven by earlier yesterday and left Jameel a box of rugalach. Thanks Trep, I had the blueberry rugalach. OK. I had a few of the blueberry rugalach.

Anyway, here's the place to wish Jameel well in his Milluim, and that he keep safe in what I suppose is not considered a very safe area to be doing Milluim.

His Milluim is very important. It's keeping a lot of Jews safe.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. Come back safe.

aliyah06 said...

Our thanks and our prayers go with you, from one family in Israel who are all grateful for your duty.

Mike said...

what about the non Jewish citizens in Israel - isnt his miluim keeping them safe as well?

annie said...

Kol hakavod to Jameel and behatzlacha. Look after yourself.

Danny said...

It's so cool the way you serve in the IDF reserves and have NO CLUE how to use any military terminology correctly.

You epitomize true civilian soldiers, bumbeling though it while the whole world chuckles!

Thanks for cluelessly doing your duty and keep on praying that Israel won't need a real army any time soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

As long as be knows how to use a gun.

JoeSettler said...

Danny: What in the world are you talking about?

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