Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why its essential for you to know Hebrew.

Hebrew -- knowledge of the language of the Jewish people is essential.

Jews pray in Hebrew, and therefore should know the words they say.

The Torah is in Hebrew, and its better to understand it in the original.

Hebrew is the international language of the Jewish people and in all the places I've been around the world, Hebrew works better than English.

And...many of the blog posts I simply don't have time to write, are based on sources in Hebrew. These stories would fascinate you, yet I simply do not have the time to translate them all for you.

For example: Maariv reports on how the JNF has capitulated to Leftist demands to stop planting trees in the Negev, despite the land being 100% State of Israel land and upheld by the courts.
Source (in Hebrew)

The Jewish woman from Bat-Yam who started going out with "David"...and his strange behavior caused her to have him investigated by private investigators. They revealed that he was an Arab...married with 4 children. And her response? Don't tell anyone so she can continue her relationship with him...she honestly believes she can continue this way. Source (in Hebrew)

High School students expelled for having setting up a table for students to put on tefillin. The Secular high school in Haifa (no, not Modiin) said they were not expelled for the tefillin, per se, but for arrogant behavior. Source (in Hebrew)

Merrill Lynch analyst says Bezeq Telecom stock will rise 47% Source (in Hebrew) Bezeq?! Mashiach must be here...

MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi; A Jew that expects an [Israeli] Arab to sing the "Hatkiva" [Israe's national anthem] is either an idiot or crazy, or he is MK [David] Rotem [Yisrael Beiteinu party] or MK [Michael] Ben-Ari [Ichud Leumi] (Haaretz, 10 AM today)

So what can we expect from Israeli Arabs and not be considered crazy?

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Anonymous said...

This comment attributed to the good Dr Tibi is actually a stolen statement made by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane of Blessed Memory who would rightfully quote it on every lecture when he spoke about the Israeli-Arab conflict.
They are both right which is why Mr Tibi should go and sing his Nazi anthem in some other pro-Nazi Arab country who admire Adolf Hitler and what he did to the Jewish people. He is no different!

ADDeRabbi said...

Spin it how you want, but the Israeli national anthem is completely from a Jewish perspective. "Our hope is not yet lost" - Tibi and Jabroun are not part of the "our". It was never "their" hope.
Short of that, it's one thing to expect people to sing along. It's another to make someone's job dependent on it. Rotem is calling for Jabroun to be sacked for remaining silent during the singing of the national anthem. That's just insane.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Elli; What do you think of the following statement:

"Zionism’s purpose was to create a society that is “normal” socially and politically, but not ethically or religiously. More specifically, the Zionist founders were always clear that the Jewish state exists to promote the religion, civilization, and culture of the Jewish people and its dominant Jewish majority.

Does this mean that Israel’s Arab citizens must suffer certain disabilities? It does. They are a minority, and there is a price to be paid for minority status. Jews have paid that price for the last 2000 years, and nearly half of the Jewish people continue to pay it today. In Great Britain, for example, there is an established church headed by the British sovereign. Britain’s Jewish minority cannot embrace that church, yet it does not occur to them to demand the de-establishment of the Church of England or the severing of the Queen from her religious role. It does not occur to them to refrain from singing God Save the Queen. British Jews understand that for minorities, complete identification with Britain’s national symbols and culture may not be possible.

Israel’s Arab citizens, therefore, are being asked to accept no more than what Jews have always accepted as minorities. We need not be apologetic about enjoying majority status in the country established specifically to create a Jewish majority and the conditions that accompany it."

Guess who wrote the above?


Anonymous said...

Isn't the word "not" missing here?

High School students expelled for having setting up a table for students to put on tefillin. The Secular high school in Haifa (no, not Modiin) said they were expelled [NOT] for the tefillin, per se, but for arrogant behavior. Source (in Hebrew)

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Anonymous: you are correct, fixing it now. thx

Anonymous said...

One reason I moved to Israel was to make it easier for me to learn hebrew so I could read more Hebrew books and articles....

Damn these Israelis who want to learn english!

Nachum said...

I doubt Ben Ari would say that. R' Kahane repeatedly said that he didn't expect Arabs to sing Hatikva. Of course, he didn't expect them to vote either.

Simon - Modiin said...

I am a Zionist and I believe that the anthem should be changed to reflect the makeup of our country

if the country embraced all its citizens and created a reason for the non Jewish populations to have loyalty and a feeling of belonging, Israel would be in a much stronger position both economically and politically.

Together with this change I believe that national service should be an obligation of every citizen

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