Thursday, November 24, 2005

Historical Coincidences?

First, Israeli Prime Minister Sharon destroyed Gush Katif. He then set out to destroy the Likud. He ignored the party referendum he personally called for, which voted overwhelmingly for Israel not to "disengage" from Gush Katif.

Using his personal clout and cadre of 1000 hand picked members of the Likud Central committee, he defeated a motion to advance the primaries in the Likud party, claiming that it was in the party's best interest. This week, he abandons the party which brought him to the Prime Minister's chair of the Israeli government.

Sharon's new party is called in Hebrew, "Kadima", or Forward/Ahead.

Nobel Prize award winner, Shimon Peres often speaks about the importance of not learning anything from history. That's probably good advice, since the name of the Fascist Revolutionary newspaper edited by Benito Mussolini, was also called "Avanti" (Forward/Ahead in Italian).

Don't ask me who put up this link, but it wasn't me. I'll try to follow Shimon's advice, lest I get in trouble.


Anonymous said...

greattt quotes.
Sharon=dictator is about right.
And he will choose his list himself.

Batya said...

My spin on Kadima:

stillruleall said...

I saw a similar "comparision" before. Rav Kahane and Hitler. Kahane defintely levelled up with Hitler more then Sharon and Mussolini. Why do you encourage such garbage?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

StillRuleAll: Encourage? It was just a comment. Besides, its only a fraction of rhetroic that Ariel Sharon himself threw out in the past months against anyone with a different viewpoint than his own.

He Destroyed Gush Katif. He cynically destroyed the Likud. He's corrupt. There's a fullscale fraud investigation going on in Austria against him, yet our honest attorney general refuses to cooperate. You believe him when he says he had no idea what Omri was up to?

And he threw out MK Blumenthal from the government because she was under suspicion of criminal investigation, yet his son Omri, who has been convicted continues to attend and vote in Knesset Meetings?!

The Sharon Family is one big gang of criminals.

Maybe Musollini is not the best comparison...can you suggest a more apt one?

Anonymous said...

Justice Chishin, himself a rather corrupt official, stuck the dagger in Sharon's side this morning, accusing him of holding on to power despite the corruption that surrounds him. He even revealed how much he was longing for the times when a minister (Offer) shot himself in the head when he was discovered with his hand in the cookie jar.

But, you know, Offer did not kill himself because of shame. He killed himself because the party he was stealing for -- none of the money went into his own pocket -- that party of the great tzadikim Golda & Rabin, left him hung to dry. He killed himself out of loneliness and a sense of betrayal, not out of shame.

Our public officials have since learned how not to ever be left holding the bag. The chutzpa of Chishin may even exceed the chutzpa of Sharon, because, after all, of the two of them only one is in charge of maintaining righteousness.

It's satisfying to see one member of the permanent junta criticizing another. No, it doesn't mean there's hope for any of us, only that the road to hell will be paved with amusing anecdotes.

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