Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shabbat at the Muqata - Tranquility Shattered.

Friday evening at the Muqata. Surrounded by the green, rolling hills of the Shomron mountains, our family is eating the Shabbat meal. My older children are talking about the parasha, the younger children interject their insights, and (surprisingly) everything is calm and relaxed. The food is great, no one has spilled purple Fanta on anyone else, the shabbat candles are glowing and I'm sure the good shabbat angels were happy and content to see this tranquil shabbat home.

Thinking it was a good time to surprise my kids with a treat, I bring up the subject of Rav Natan Slifkin's latest article, about "Can Elephants Jump?", and the kids get all excited. Everyone wants to see a picture of Rav Natan on an elephant and the different color pictures in the article which I printed out on Thursday evening at work. The article is going around the table, when...

"I didn't say you were pathetic for using the name, 'Jameel', I said it was 'yichey' to use it." I look incredulously at my wife. "Where did that come from?", I asked, "During Friday night's shabbat meal, while talking Divrei Torah you ask out of left field, about my blog??" I was rather shocked to say the least. (note: my wife's not a blogger in the slightest)

"Well, you probably read about the Elephant story on that website...that blog...what's his name?"

"The GodolHador's Website", I replied.

"Right, so that's why I thought about your name/blogging question of changing your name, and you got it wrong...with your 'great' memory and everything...I didn't say 'pathetic', I said 'yichey', and I still think it's weird to masquerade around with an Arab's name".

"Well, the vote is currently about 18-1 in favor of keeping it," I said, "and you know I will post this conversation on my blog on Sunday."


Ezzie said...


Note to self: Wife may one day actually read what I write...

Anonymous said...

yichey!Well if you're an Arab what does that make your wife and the kids?Is that yichey?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Hmmm...looks like the current Yad L'Achim" posters all over the place to save "Ahmed Ben Sara"...


Shifra said...

My husband (also a total non-blogger) also brings up my blog at odd times- like in front of his brother's family, his cousins etc... at our Sukkos table!
I was ready to kill him.

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

When you start hanging out with bloggers in Real Life it becomes hard to pretend you're normal anymore, even if you don't really want to talk about blogging all the time :-P .

the sabra said...

o and im glad you posted these side links to what you consider your um best posts..? must read? i forget.

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