Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Chareidi Supporter of IDF service

While I might agree with the author of this reply, his view is not accepted by Chareidi MKs, who are insisting that the current law remain in effect which forces one to decide between the mandatory IDF draft or learning in yeshiva -- so that people "stay in yeshiva." Based on feedback from readers, "Nachal chareidi is accepted as a good thing by most mainstream chareidim. But it’s like anything else, it’s good but “not for my son” since it’s an admission of failure in the Torah world, which is true."

Yoseph Goldsmith's article in itself does not warrant any replay, as the "facts" presented there are far from true. Yet, I chose to write and present Ynet's readers with the facts and the Haredi Nahal.

This is not the place to discuss the haredi worldview that requires everyone who's willing and able to dedicate their life to the study of the Torah as a part of the multi-generational Jewish effort to preserve the Torah and the Nation of Israel. The reluctance of many haredim to enlist is therefore a function of their fear that military service will damage their ability to serve the nation the Torah's way.

Nevertheless, those who do not wish or do not want to join this idealistic group, are morally obligated to enlist and fulfill their duty like any other Israeli youngster.

In the past, the conscientious ones who did not study in yeshiva, avoided army service – and justly so. The spiritual risk military service in a secular environment (including the presence of female soldiers and the sub-standard kashrut in the IDF bases) posed was too great.

Yet, after the IDF and a group of rabbis launched the "Netzah Yehuda" Brigade in which the highest religious standards are maintained, every observant man who feels morally obligated to enlist, can do so without the slightest fear of social pressure or temptation. The 2,000 haredi soldiers and their families are living proof.

Goldsmith wrote that he knows many youngsters who lost their spiritual way in the army. I say, these young men lost their way long before they enlisted.

Therefore, any haredi who does not study Torah and does not enlist is guilty of Chillul Hashem (Hebrew: "Desecration of the God's Name").

Rabbi David Fuchs has been following the Haredi Nahal project since its establishment eight years ago.

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Batya said...

The more frum guys in the army the better the kashrut will be.

Olah Chadasha said...

I can totally agree with this article, especially since its author has been following the Nahal unit. He's not just some random person that is writing their opinions based on hearsay, stereotypes, and baseless generalizations.

The MKs fear is an example of what's wrong with the ultra-orthodox world. Their fear of the outside world, and their fear that exposing their children in anyway to the outside world only leads to their childrens' corruption, ignorance, and total miscomprehension of what Judaism is all about. There's a saying, "What I fear, I create". These MKs are merely symbols of a world that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy through its own actions. Shame on them.

Ephraim said...

I have a lot of friends in Nahal Hareidi. None of them are Hareidi. Of course, I travel in Dati Leumi circles, so maybe I'm only being exposed to one side of the coin, but it seems like just as the Hesder program, which was originally intended to bring Hareidim into the army, this too seems to be becoming a Dati Leumi institution.

Lion of Zion said...


granted that this haaretz article has the usual biases, from other stuff i've read/heard the general concensus is that "nahal haredi" is a misnomer.

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