Monday, November 05, 2007

Magen David Adom: Preparing for the worst

Last week I attended Magen David Adom's (MDA) part 3 in refresher course on war preparedness. The citizens of Israel and the Jewish people around the globe should be thankful that MDA is forward thinking enough to plan and train their volunteers for such eventualities (and may they never happen).

We've reviewed our response and preparedness for chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks. Conventional Rocket and Missile attacks. Earthquakes. Mass Casualty Events, and Multiple (Mega) Mass Causality Events on the G-d awful scale of tens of thousands of killed, perhaps hundreds of thousands of wounded.

Yes, these topics are scary. Big-time scary, to the point that any sane person would shudder at the thought of any of these events transpiring.

Be happy that someone is actively and seriously thinking about how to address those issues. This doesn't mean MDA doesn't have what to improve (and believe me, they have a lot to improve), but I was very impressed by looking forward to attempting to address these issues.

And if we're on the topic of Magen David Adom, the new MDA medivac helicopter has just gone into service today, serving Northern Israel.

To the wealthier readers and communities of this blog who wish to help save lives in Israel, now is your chance to donate more than just an MDA can donate a helicopter!

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Anonymous said...

wow! that's a nice bird.

so it seems everyone's gearing up -- last week was that training exercise... now you guys. i'm just going to assume this is all par for the course... otherwise i will not sleep nights with the "what if's."

Rafi G. said...

how do they choose who gets to use the helicopter? if I sign up as a volunteer can I use it? do they train you how to fly it?

Olah Chadasha said...

Nice. It's about time MDA enter the 21st century.

mevaseretzion said...

How much do they cost?

Jacob Da Jew said...


Are they gonna hook up some cannons since the Pals will definitely fire at it.

Jack Steiner said...

Sure, three helicopters coming right up.

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