Monday, November 05, 2007

Will US Jewry come through for Israel?

An anonymous commenter left the following comment here the other day:
What's the point of a post like this when all your readers already agree with your views and anyone who doesn't or who might think differently has stopped reading this blog months ago? Everyone gets it.
Settlers: good.
Arabs: violent. Uncontrollable.
Left wing and Tel Aviv: bad.
Olmert: incompetent
Rabin: evil.
We get it. Honest.
Actually, that particular posting was very important in that it showed beyond a doubt, that the more money donated to the Palestinian Authority, the more terror (external and internal) results. You may not like the study or the research, but it's a fact. I don't hide my feelings about Rabin, and his past, yet (as Ive stated many times), I do not condone his murder, nor do I encourage people to follow in Amir's footsteps (or Rabin's for that matter either). Are settler's good? They have more than their share of issues, and I don't recall any posts here praising them at the expense of Leftists or Tel-Aviv. While I wouldn't want to live in Tel-Aviv (and I already did once...) we visit the city from time to time, have friends who live there, and don't view it as Sodom and Amora, let alone "bad".

Olmert's incompetence is perhaps demonstrated best by his 3% approval rating, his poor decisions time after time (releasing terrorists, planning to release more, ignoring the will of the people...all classic signs that brought about a THREE PERCENT approval rating!). Today's Sderot Conference for Social and Economic Policy polled Israelis and found that 69% believes Israeli politics and government are corrupt.

So what do I blog about? I hope I still have a few readers left, because when an Israeli government official does say something important, I think we need to support them.

Case in point is Foreign Minister Tzippi Livni. I've disagreed with her on my blog many times. Yet, as reported by Uri Yablonka at Maariv NRG, Livni bravely faced the US Sec'y of State and stated that Israel would not favor establishment of a Palestinian state immediately, despite American hopes, but only if and when Israel's security is assured.

Long time Muqata friend, Susie Dym writes:
This is an important water-mark for Jewish organizations in the United States. Organizations have sometime said that although they sincerely understand the terrible danger of a new terror state just a bike-ride away from Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and isolated Israel's sole international airport, as seems to be the preference of Sec'y of State Rice, nonetheless, they cannot make statements pertaining to this terrible problem because this would mean going against the Israeli government. Livni's statement has opened the door which now allows all American Jewish organizations to immediately come forward and strengthen Israel's new resolve: not to set up a Palestinian state if doing so means setting up a new terror state.

Will American Jewish organizations come through for Israel in this matter??
Now is your chance. For a change, instead of Israel "leading the pack" of taking "risks for peace", Israel has clearly stated they see security as a prerequisite for peace.

Americans who care more about Israel's security than sectarian US politics need to make it clear to Sec'y of State Rice that the Annapolis "peace talks" can not come at the expense of Israel's security.

With only a year away to US elections, now is the time to ensure you contact your congressmen or presidential candidates (Democrat or Republican) and ensure their active and vocal support of helping Israel, specifically when Israel is saying the right thing. Tell Rice that Israel's security is not negotiable and the worst thing the Middle East needs now is an additional terror state.

Make your voice heard, since you can make a difference.

Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael

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