Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hang his head in shame

This guy is such a moron.

Only in a country with no political accountability could a politician say, "I hold my head high, and say I goofed."

How about saying it with an ounce of modesty?

People's homes and lives were destroyed by the Disengagement. The residents of Sederot are in a living hell.

And Ben Eliezer holds his head high?

He should hang it in shame.
The disengagement from Gaza "was a mistake" National Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer told Non-Stop Radio (Radio Lelo Hafsaka) on Thursday.

"I admit and confess," Ben Eliezer said, "I was with those who strongly supported [former prime minister] Ariel Sharon, and today I say with my head held high: We erred, we made a very big mistake."

According to Ben Eliezer, a move such as the Gaza pullout can only be successful when the territory one leaves is "handed over to responsible hands and anchored in agreements and international guarantees. Here we have a precedent - a territory we left turns into a base for terror - period."

Regarding the ongoing Kassam rocket fire at Israel from the Gaza Strip, Ben Eliezer said there is no escaping the need to act and to respond to the barrages.

When asked about potential harm to the Palestinian population in Gaza that would likely result from an Israeli military response, the Infrastructure Minister said attempts to prevent harm to civilians are futile in light of the current situation.

"Israel must respond, what else?"

Ben Eliezer continued: "Israel continues to say 'I bind myself to ethical obligations,' that no other country in the world binds itself to.

"There is a contradiction here between two disciplines," he said. "One nation is prepared to commit suicide and sees it as a mitzvah and an honor, and another wants to spare every ounce of blood."

Ben Eliezer's comments came Thursday morning as three Kassam rockets landed in Israeli territory. Two of the rockets landed in open fields near the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon - one near a strategic installation. No one was wounded and there was no damage to property JPOST.

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Anonymous said...

"One nation is prepared to commit suicide and sees it as a mitzvah and an honor ...." - I thought Ben Eliezer was talking about us (Israel) this clearly describes our mentality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I read that and also thought he was talking about the Israelis

yitz said...

Hey Jameel, Joe S, et al,
Can't you see that this is tremendous progress??? I mean, really, finally one of the OSLO CRIIMINALS admitted they were WRONG!!!! Sure, he's light years away from shfiyut [sanity], but still, it's "one giant step for MKind." [and that's not "mein kind"]. :))
At this rate, we might salvage a neighborhood in Tel-Aviv [after surrendering everything else?].
Good Shabbos y'all!

Lion of Zion said...

i don't see what the big deal is. he's not saying that territorial concessions are wrong. he is only sorry about the way it was done in gaza (i.e., unilaterally).

jameel, settler joe and others: would he not still take away your homes if he thought the conditions were good?

in any case, let's see if he follows through on his contrition in future votes on these issues.

therapydoc said...

Watching from afar it never did make any sense giving up land, placing your enemy at the border (inside the border)where he had access to arms from other enemies and talk about no shame, since when have we had an honest relationship with this other people, what naiveté'

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