Monday, November 12, 2007

The Yoreh: First Rains

For the best weather service reports in Israel, see the IMS website.

Every child in Israel knows what the "Yoreh" is. (no, that wasn't a political comment, WHAT the Yoreh is, not WHO the Yoreh is)

The Yoreh is the first serious rainfall of the Fall/Winter season.

A drizzle doesn't count as a Yoreh, and neither does a regular gentle rainfall.

The Yoreh is the first serious downpour, which would soak you to the bone if you were outside.

Over the past two days, the Yoreh arrived. While we daven for rain that is a blessing -- too often the first rainfall comes with difficult results. My MDA beeper warned me in advance;
the roads would be slick and one should drive with extra caution.

Since it doesn't rain over the summer -- motor oil soaks into the road asphalt, and the Yoreh rains bring all the oil to the surface, making them dangerously slippery.

Yesterday there were some horrendous accidents on the roads. Rarely does one see a IAF helicopter land in the middle of a road to transport accident victims, but it happened twice yesterday.

Once near Beit Shemesh at Tzomet HaElah, and once on the Maaleh Adumin road going down to the Dead Sea.

Please drive carefully -- especially this week when the roads are especially dangerous!

Pictures (and more of them) over here.

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Jack Steiner said...

Same thing happens in LA.

Ye'he Sh'mey Raba Mevorach said...

In the ma'aleh adumim accident (actually closer to mitzpe yericho) we lost four people, three of them seventh graders! One family lost two sons - the driver and one of the boys. One of the boys killed is the son of one of the teacher's at my son's school. It was truly an accident - just as Jameel describes. The car just lost control on the slick road, hit a bus, flipped and burned. May the families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

that road near beit shemesh (i'm assuming we're talking about rt 38?) is so dangerous even when dry -- it must be even moreso when wet. wow... please be extra careful out there people.

Anonymous said...

The accident in the photos was horrendous -- but was it yoreh related? The road, and the personnel, look perfectly dry to me...

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