Monday, September 27, 2010

The Irony of it All

You've got to admit, this is all quite a bit ironic... and confusing.

On one hand you've got Im Tirtzu threatening BGU (Ben Gurion University) with bad publicity if it doesn't start reigning in its radical left (anti-Zionist, by definition) professors and instructors, threats which could ultimately result in a boycott.

You've then got BGU's radical left professors and staff calling for a boycott of not just Israel but also of their own university.

And now you've got the University of Johannesburg considering whether or not to boycott Ben Gurion University.

The only thing that isn't at all clear to me is for which reason do they want to boycott BGU.

Is it because they support Im Tirtzu and don't like the radical left-wing professors and administration?

Or is it because they are listening to BGU's radical leftwing professors and administration who are calling for a boycott of their own university?

Or is it because they don't care that BGU might be a hot-bed of anti-Zionism, and it just bothers them that its in occupied Israel?

Perhaps its because BGU is doing important research that will help South Africa deal with water contamination problems and they want to hurt South Africa.

I hope they clarify their reasoning.

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NormanF said...

Israel is evil!

In the eyes of the world, allowing Jews to build will spark the next war.

Arabs seeking to slaughter Jewish families won't.

I hope it clarifies its reasoning.

Your Correspondent said...

I'm boycotting BGU because I'm neither an academic nor a student. Does that count?

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