Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ending the Building Freeze

Despite the arm-twisted "denouncement" by the Palestinian Authority of yesterday's murderous terror attack that left 4 Israelis dead, the average Palestinian rejoiced.

While the Palestinians rejoice over the spilled blood of Jews, the Jews of Israel have had enough. We don't send out death squads to murder innocents like they do, but express our outrage in positive ways.

Instead, we are prematurely ending the building freeze, TODAY.

At 6:00 PM today in the community of Kedumim in the Shomron, there will be an unfreezing ceremony, as Jewish housing construction will be restarted in the Shomron.

Similar ceremonies will be taking place this evening throughout Yehuda and Shomron.

The freeze is over.

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NormanF said...

I had penned an eulogy at Daled Amos and my feelings remain unchanged.

To those who revel in barbarity and express happiness in the taking of beautiful lives, in making children orphans and those who reject the Jewish people's desire for peace and a year of good, there can be only one answer.

To double the numbers of this nation so they will know beyond all doubt their evil will lead them to a dead end. The enemy has no right to demand the Jewish people stop living their lives because it can't stand the sight of Jews living in their homeland. Those five good people who were senselessly murdered, they must never be forgotten and G-d will avenge them - His servants - and all of us must walk in their path.

May Israel live forever!

Gary said...

Can you update those of us who couldn't make it? Is it happening? Are the police there?

NormanF said...

Are Joe Settler and Jameel out building at this late hour?

I guess when they get back to post here, they'll let us know. ;-)

yaak said...

Will the picture with Frozone and the sad kids be replaced by construction workers and happy kids?

Anonymous said...

Heart breaking news.
I am so sorry.
{Rest in Peace}

(Find these barbaric scum low life monsters before they take more innocent lives away)

Shlomo said...

"Instead, we are prematurely ending the building freeze, TODAY."

Yeshar koach. A totally appropriate response. Hopefully one of the places being built at is Beit Hagai.

Gee a Moron said...

Please take down the countdown timer to the end of the freeze. It's over...

NormanF said...

Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged as much. Its already over and won't be reinstated any time soon.

Anonymous said...

why not start posting fotos of the kapo inspectors?

Anonymous said...

why not start posting fotos of the kapo inspectors?

hatefascists said...

why not learn how to spell?

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