Sunday, September 05, 2010

Oslo 3 - The Deja-Vu Terror War

This evening brought back all sorts of horrible memories.

I was talking on the phone to a cousin, when the Magen David Adom emergency dispatcher put out a priority message on my United Hatzala radio.

"First Responders: A terror attack has taken place on road 55, with people wounded by gunshot..."

1. Hang up the phone.
2. Make sure the kids stay in the house.
3. Notify dispatcher that I was responding.
4. Run out of the house to my car, turn on my flashing red strobe, drive in direction of the wounded.
5. Call my wife, tell her to stay off the road (she was driving home)
6. Responders all informing dispatcher they were on their way
7. I say I'll be there in 30 get out of my way.
8. Arrive at the scene -- no car, no wounded, I notify the dispatcher.
9. Responders line up car after car, as we put on emergency medical vests and bullet proof vests
10. Close the outgoing gate of our community to prevent additional cars from being on the road.

Conflicting reports reverberate for 15 minutes -- till the car is located at an IDF checkpoint. No wounded, but there is damage to the car.

The car was attacked on the main highway 55, alongside the Palestinian town of Nabi Alias, in front of the "Shayish HaShalom" store -- "the marble counter tops of peace".

Gullible Israelis think that shopping at Nabi Alias is a bonanza, and Haaretz has a field day reporting what a wonderful place it is.

They neglect to mention:

- Cars have been stolen from there with people still in them (kidnapping)
- The shin-bet routinely has active terrorist warnings for that village
- People have been held up at gunpoint while shopping for bargains
- Terror attacks have taken place there...including rock attacks on an almost daily basis.

After last week's deadly terror attacks, and tonight's attack, I feel like we're in a time warp, going back to the bad old days of the Oslo 2 "peace" accords, which didn't bring any peace, and only brought murdered and wounded Israelis.

Hoping the rest of the night will be quiet.

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sarah leah said...


Excellent. But got me to thinking - what will possibly remain for an Oslo 3, G-d forbid? Will they be negotiating...what? What will be left for them to give away? Only our graves?

Gee a Moron said...

Shayish (marble) of Peace is too eerily close to Tombstones of Peace...

Shira said...

Cars have been stolen from there with people still in them (kidnapping)

No doubt in part due to the Israeli habit of leaving the keys in the car and the motor running while they "just" get one thing in the store...

Seems the only way to stop the habit is not to warn of kidnappings, but advertise that auto insurance doesn't cover when you leave the keys in the car.

Anonymous said...

The Intifadas "brought" a whole lot more dead Palestinians than Israelis... not worth a mention?

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