Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Reaffirming Faith in Israel

The past 3 weeks I've been blogging far less than usual...yet it was for a good cause. After years of blogging about Israel and aliya, I found myself in a situation where I had to "put my money where my mouth is" and help out someone with their absorption process.

Needless to say, the case was far more complex than I had ever imagined possible. I cannot blog about the specifics, but it was perhaps the worst aliya nightmare story I had ever heard of.

Regardless, this evening the nightmare has come to an end, and the situation has worked itself out in a nearly miraculous way.

I would like say that Nefesh bNefesh came through, and sincerely did everything possible to help this family of olim.

Many elected officials offered their help. Government officials offered their help.

Countless friends helped -- from recommendations to support for the family.

And a public official I spoke to this evening whose intervention was invaluable, said to me, "...with all the bureaucracy, there are actual people who can help behind the scenes. Despite this crazy situation, the State of Israel encourages aliya, and does not want new olim to be put into impossible situations...which is why I did everything I could to help."

And he helped!

Today's outcome of this nightmare truly reaffirms my faith in the people of Israel.

Wishing all our readers and friends a wonderful new year -- one of good health and happiness, and may G-d bestow upon us all the brachot of the Cohen Gadol's prayer.

יהי רצון מלפניך ה' אלוקינו ואלוקי אבותינו שתהא השנה הזאת הבאה
עלינו ועל כל עמך בית ישראל:

שנת אורה שנת ברכה שנת גילה שנת דיצה
שנת הוד שנת ועודה שנת זימרה שנת חיים
שנת טהרה שנת ישרה שנת כבודה שנת למודה
שנת מלוכה שנת נוה שנת שמחה שנת ענוה
שנת פריה ורביה שנת צהלה שנת קדושה
שנת רווחה שנת שבע שנת שלווה
שנה תמימה שנה שלא יקום צר ואויב עלינו
שנה שתוליכנו קוממיות לארצנו
שנה שתשיבנו לבית מאוויינו
שנת חיים טובים שנת עיבור תירוש ויצהר
שנה שימתיקו שיחים את תנובתם ושדות את תבואתם
שנה שתברך את לחמנו ואת מימנו
שנה שתמלא לנו את כל משאלות לבנו לטובה
שנה שלא תפיל אשה את פרי בטנה
שנה שתקרב את גאולתנו ותביא משיח במהרה בימנו ותשלח מבשר טוב לארצנו
שנה שלא יצטרכו עמך ישראל זה לזה ולא לעם אחר

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Mark said...

Shanah Tovah Umetukah and Ktiva Vechatimah Tovah to you, your family, to all the readers, and to all the rest of klal yisrael. Wishing us all a year of health, peace and strength, happiness, and prosperity.

Devorah said...

Before the New Year, I would like to take time out to thank you for your great blog. Keep up the good work in defending Israel. May you and your family have a happy and healthy Shana Tova.

Seth (Avi) Kadish · אבי קדיש said...

Yishar Koach!

Keep up your great work on the best pro-Israel blog around.

Ketivah va-Hatimah Tovah

Anonymous said...

may the schar from this tremendous mitzvah make your and all those who helped, be dan for only tov in the coming year

next up on the agenda...reform the system

kesivah vechasimah tova to everyone here...and all those who arent

Elain @ Israel said...

Once again it beconmes evident that no matter how cruel this world may be, there're still people who are ready to help and this is another proof of mercy of our Lord!

Dvorah Chanah said...

BS"D - Kol HaKavod. It's not easy to get involved in such snarly situations. When one does so, it inspires the rest of us to do the same when the opportunity presents itself.

MTS said...

Your involvement is very much appreciated. Thank you for mobilizing your resources and energy for this tremendous chesed. You teach by example the extent to which we are responsible for one another.

May you and your family enjoy a year of prosperity and tranquility.

Lady-Light said...

Thank you for a beautiful post and a beautiful tefilah. Keep up the good work, Jameel.
גמר חתימה טובה לך ולמשפחתך

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