Monday, November 29, 2010

Amish Visit the Kotel

Amish tourists from the USA and Switzerland visited the Kotel yesterday and during their meeting with R' Shmuel Rabinowitz, (the "Kotel" Rabbi) they requested forgiveness from the Jewish people for their silence during the Holocaust

During their meeting they stressed they do no want anything in return from the Jewish people, and they are not trying to proselytize in any way. Rather, they wished to express their support for Israel and the Jewish people, which they didn't do in the past.

The presented a scroll to Rabbi Rabinowitz, containing their apology, and a guarantee that from now on the Amish would loudly proclaim their support for the Jewish people, specifically in face of the hatred and antisemitism from Iran. (source)

I was looking for a good photo from the Harrison Ford movie, "Witness", but alas, I couldn't find anything perfect for this post...

JoeSettler adds: I was at the Kotel when they were there. With their Kipas on, I wasn't sure who Amish and who was a Hassid.

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anon said...

Amish don't allow themselves to be photographed, but it looks like you got half of one in there.

Lurker said...

Interesting related article from last year:

Ultra-orthodox Jews give Amish walking tour

Anonymous said...

Amish or Menonnite? Amish would not travel by Plane. Mennonite would??

Daniel said...

Perhaps now American Jewish organizations can issue a similar apology for their inaction?
Or will they continue to deflect and make money off it with their museums and papal condemnations

Lurker said...

Anonymous @ 2:24 PM: Amish would not travel by Plane.

New Order Amish churches are matir flying, and the more traditional ones give a heter for very long-distance trips where land travel is impractical, and for pikuach nefesh. See here.

Lurker said...

Same article as the one I linked to above, but with some really good photos...

Anonymous said...

Lurker, these new order amish represent 3% of the population, is their apology for their folk only?

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