Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Initial Tribunal Report Implicates Hizbollah in Hariri’s Murder.

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Rafik Hariri, Lebanon’s most influential moderate, was murdered in a Beirut bomb blast in 2005. The UN created a special tribunal to investigate the murder…and CBC reports that the investigation points to Hizbollah.

The United Nations has long suspected that “top-ranked Syrian security officials” approved the slaughter, with help from the Lebanese security forces. And now the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, led by Canadian prosecutor Daniel Bellemare, is preparing to issue its first indictments after a long, tortuous and problem-plagued probe.

The UN/Lebanon tribunal is expected to point a finger at Hezbollah, the powerful Shia militia group led by Hassan Nasrallah and bankrolled and armed by Damascus and Tehran.

As the CBC reported Sunday, Lebanese phone records suggest Hezbollah officials communicated with the owners of the cellphones allegedly used to coordinate the bombing. The CBC also reported that UN probers at one point viewed top Lebanese intelligence official Col. Wissam al-Hassan as a suspect.

Predictably, Nasrallah has reacted with pre-emptive fury. Even before the CBC broke its story, Nasrallah, who is considered a terrorist by Canada and other countries, had threatened to “cut off the hand” of anyone who tries to arrest his men. And Hezbollah is ready to take on the weaker Lebanese army to shield its militants.

Many think that Nasrallah and Syria will use this as an excuse to completely take over Lebanon…which would have interesting security implications for Israel and would further expand Iran’s control in the Middle East.

Stay tuned…


In other news, North Korea continued their unending violations of international law again and attacked South Korea, leaving dead and wounded.


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